LG Chem begins construction of cathode plant in Tennessee

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LG Chem Ltd, a leading chemical company in South Korea is currently building a cathode plant in Tennessee, United States. The main objective behind this initiative is to create a production center, for battery materials that cater to the market. The facility is situated in Montgomery County, Clarksville, Tennessee. Will specialize in manufacturing cathode materials specifically designed for vehicles (EVs) in North America. LG Chem aims to collaborate with partners throughout the entire process from development to supply chain management.

On December 19 LG Chem organized a ceremony, in Tennessee to mark the commencement of construction for its cathode plant. The event was graced by the presence of guests such as Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, Commissioner Stuart McWhorter Senator Marsha Blackburn, Ambassador to the United States Cho Hyun dong Clarksville City Mayor Joe Pitts and Montgomery County Mayor Wes Golden. Notable figures from LG Chem including CEO Shin Hak cheol, President of Advanced Materials Company Nam Chul and Head of Battery Materials Business Unit Lee Hyang mok were also, in attendance.

“Commenting on the Tennessee cathode material plant CEO Shin Hak cheol expressed confidence that LG Chem is poised to become the leading supplier of cathode materials, in North America. He emphasized LG Chems vision to be, at the forefront of the global battery material industry and establish a supply chain of withstanding any challenges.”

First Phase of LG Chem cathode plant in Tennessee

LG Chem plans to invest $1.6 billion in constructing a cathode plant with a capacity of 60,000 tons. This factory will be the first phase of a project worth $3.2 billion occupying, over 420 acres, in the state of Tennessee.

LG Chem is building a huge new factory in Tennessee that will make cathode materials for electric vehicle batteries. The company says once it’s running at full capacity, this facility will be able to produce enough materials each year for over half a million electric cars that can drive more than 300 miles on a single charge. That would make it the biggest cathode production plant in the United States. LG Chem is clearly betting big on electric vehicles taking off here and needing lots of high-capacity batteries. If the market grows as expected, this Tennessee plant could put the company in a leading position to power the electric cars of the future.

LG Chem is gearing up to start mass producing a new type of NCMA in 2026. NCMA stands for nickel, cobalt, manganese and aluminum – the key ingredients in these cathodes that will power electric vehicle batteries.

LG Chem says a big reason they chose Tennessee for this new cathode material plant is because of its excellent logistics for shipping finished products to customers and bringing in raw materials. The location allows easy delivery access to auto manufacturers across the US who will be buying the cathode powder. And it can easily receive shipments of minerals and precursor chemicals from strategic partner nations that have free trade pacts with the US.

The company plans to work closely with EV makers at this Tennessee plant, custom-engineering cathode materials to optimize each battery design right from the beginning. And they already have supply deals lined up, like sourcing precursor chemicals from their Korean joint venture.

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