US$90M Los Angeles Valley College Academic Complex Building Project Breaks Ground

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A US$90M project for construction of Los Angeles Valley College Academic Complex Building has began. Los Angeles Valley College, in collaboration with Los Angeles Community College are developing the project.

The new building will replace a 1950s structure. The Academic Complex 1 will have a lecture hall, computer labs, and smart classrooms. Furthermore, it will have a skills demonstration and a test room. The structure will be an 84,000-square-foot facility with three stories.

Additionally, the school offices for the departments of business administration, computer science information systems, emergency services, mathematics, psychology/statistics, and sociology/ethnic studies will be housed in the new structure.

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The site’s improvements will feature an 11,000-square-foot subsurface stormwater retention system, new pavement, and drought-tolerant planting. The renovated historic quad will provide information on the local native tribes and the early history of our college. The project is expected to be completed in 2025.

“We are happy with how this new facility will support and improve students’ learning. In addition to offering necessary services, the new structure will help students fulfil their educational aspirations.” according to Board of Trustees President David Vela. “The Los Angeles Community College District is devoted to giving students access to high-quality, affordable educational opportunities. This will prepare them for new job paths.”

Francisco Rodriguez, chancellor of the LACCD said. She showed excitement about the future generation of business owners and computer programmers. Additionally, firefighters, sociologists, and transfer students learn in this brand-new cutting-edge institution.

More projects on the Los Angeles Valley Campus

In order to address the demands of the campus, the Los Angeles Community College District approved the construction of the Valley Academic and Cultural Center building in 2016. The project was supposed to be finished and began in 2018, but the deadline was twice postponed, first to 2020 and then to 2022. Although the project’s $78.5 million budget was first approved, the final cost is now over $100 million.