Maxeon announces plan for largest solar factory in US, New Mexico

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The largest silicon solar factory in the US, with a $1 billion budget, will be built in New Mexico by Singapore-based Maxeon Solar Technologies.

The 3-gigawatt facility will be based in Albuquerque. It will create solar modules from Maxeon’s Performance Line with shingled cells and TOPCon PV-silicon cell technology. Both the utility-scale and rooftop solar industries will be served by the new factory.

The project, which is contingent on a successful financial close under the US Department of Energy’s Title 17 Clean Energy Financing Programme, is projected to cost over $1 billion.

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The plant will have a capacity about double that of the largest silicon solar plant now in operation in the US. Furthermore, the Maxeon factory will be the first significant solar PV cell and panel production in New Mexico.

The Mesa Del Sol neighbourhood in Albuquerque contains a 160-acre plot. Additionally, the structure will hold offices, a warehouse, and a facility to assemble solar panels and manufacture solar cells.

The New Mexico Maxeon Solar Factory opening date

The facility is anticipated to open in 2025, with construction set to start in the first quarter of 2024. Additionally, Maxeon estimates that up to 1,800 new employees might be generated by the new factory.

The Inflation Reduction Act has sparked a new chapter in America’s energy transformation, according to Bill Mulligan, CEO of Maxeon. Further,a bold and practical response to the need to decarbonize the US economy while generating long-term, highly skilled local manufacturing and engineering jobs is our new solar cell and panel factory in New Mexico.

According to a statement from U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich, “I fought hard to pass the Inflation Reduction Act last year because I knew it could be transformative for New Mexico’s families and the health of our climate.” The new Maxeon facility is evidence that the Act is operating as planned.

Maxeon’s worldwide manufacturing presence already includes facilities in Mexico, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It will be increased by the addition of the New Mexico factory.