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Micro Home Village housing, 1st of its kind in Little Rock

Construction has commenced on a multi-unit temporary housing complex known as the Micro Home Village in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The city finally broke ground recently on the project after a 3 year long planning phase. However, it was Mayor Scott‘s Office and  Little Rock’s Department of Housing and Neighborhood Programs that led the planning process.


The Micro Home Village temporary housing will be the first of its kind in Little Rock. The city initiated the construction to tackle issues concerning overcrowding at shelters and increased homeless populations. Additionally, the project also aligns with Mayor Frank Scott, Jr.’s goal of attaining “functional zero”.  The Major believes that achieving functional zero in the city would make homelessness quite rare and brief.

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Number of units in the Micro Home Village

Upon completion, the Micro Home Village will have enough units to accommodate 206 residents. Additionally, 20 emergency shelter beds will be available on the property and residents will have access to a community center. Amenities at the community center will include a commercial kitchen, dining hall, classrooms, offices, health clinic and a laundry room.


Depaul USA Little Rock, a homeless service nonprofit organisation will manage the Micro Home Village housing facility. According to the project’s planners, future residents will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Moreover, these residents would be about live there for up to six months as they try to get back on their feet. The expect construction on the project to be completed by mid 2024.


The Housing and Neighborhood Programs’ Director, Kevin Howard, said Micro Home Village would provide transitional services. However, he also said the individuals coming to stay at the facility would have to be recommended. Howard mentioned that an intake process will be organised which will let everyone know how people are brought into the facility. In addition,  case managers would also be available onsite to take care of the people who come into the facility.

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