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The micro-units of the new rental community in Dallas will begin construction of an approximately 350 square meter building that will include a 72-unit lot. This will help drive down rental prices.

This micro-units rental housing will also gives an opportunity to middle and lower class community in Dallas a chance to own homes thus a number of people living on the streets would be reduced.

This log home rental project is located near Columbia Avenue. According to the Dallas Plan Commission developers, the 72-unit property will have up to 800 square feet of floor space, comparable to larger apartments.

Developers Alex Lowe and Jon Hetzel bought the land earlier this month.The developers explained to the planners that downsizing the unit would lower the rental construction is monitored by Dallas Builders association and occupation and health standard

Developers has not yet announced pricing or one size fits all.

Preparation of smaller units rental housing

Hetzel said so in an email. “At this point we are going through the pre-planning process and some of the required information, such as the exact size of the space and the estimated rent, is still being priced.” “Our target size for the space is around 350 square metres.” Lot #

Is located near the Santa Fe Trail that leads from Deep Ellum to White Rock Lake.So said

Chief economist Jay Parsons. “Small micro units have always been more popular than the real thing, not just in Dallas but across America”

So-called “micro units” are typically between 200 and 400 square feet. Tiny rental houses are growing in popularity in urban areas where high apartment rents prevent residents from securing housing.

Dallas has no planned rental projects with a large number of small apartments. However, some of these units will  be affected by several changes to the downtown works

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