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Officials from the Missoula Airport have announced that they expect construction to be completed by 2025. The airport originally built in 1948, has undergone 11 major renovations and many more minor ones up until this point. The authorities recently pointed out that the building was not built with growth in mind. It could not handle the current increase in travellers it is experiencing.

Last year, the airport welcomed its first passengers through the new US$64.6 million South Concourse. Impressively, the project was completed under budget, originally expected to cost US$67 million. Only 7 months later, the airport broke ground on the second phase of the expansion plan. The US$42 million East Concourse extension will bring the total expansion cost to just over US$100 million. It will involve four new gates and an additional and expanded baggage claim. There will also be a new rental car centre. The project was originally expected to be completed next year however, officials announced that it will be completed in 2025.

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The new East Concourse extension will increase the terminal’s square footage by roughly 60%. This will bring the Missoula Airport to par with other larger airports in the area such as Kalispell, Bozeman and Billings.

Comments on the Missoula Airport expansion

“The big thing with the expansion project was really tied with growth in mind and again we wanted a design that was not only a building that works today, but a building that is going to work well in the future. I think anyone who has hopefully travelled out of the new terminal today, has seen some of those different benefits, wide open hold rooms, some different concession opportunities, more bathrooms, and more parking is always good, but, it is just a more modern and updated facility,” said Tim Damrow, the Deputy Director of the Missoula Airport.