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Largest Middle School in Central Virginia construction Project breaks ground

Chesterfield is set to break ground on August 9, on a $95 million three-story new middle school, the school will be the largest middle school in Central Virginia, accommodating 1,800 students. The school’s construction comes as a much needed solution to address the district’s capacity challenges, ensuring a brighter future for students as the county’s population continues to grow.

With existing schools operating at or near capacity, the need for decisive action became evident. Josh Davis, Chief Operations Officer of Chesterfield County Public Schools, emphasized the urgency to meet capacity demands. The new middle school will replace Falling Creek Middle.

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West Area Middle School as it currently called  is designed to cater to its sizable student body. Different grades will be distributed across three floors, with sixth graders mainly on the first floor, seventh graders on the second, and eighth graders on the third. Each floor will feature 19 classrooms, five scientific labs, conference spaces, teacher workrooms, and administrative offices, fostering a conducive learning environment. Students will have access to engaging subjects such as art, technology, business, international languages, and more, nurturing their interests and talents.

Amenities at the largest Middle School in Central Virginia

Impressive amenities at the largest Middle School in Central Virginia

  1. a 1,000-seat auditorium
  2. a spacious 650-seat cafeteria
  3. a sprawling 1,200-seat gymnasium with adjacent locker rooms.
  4. An auxiliary gym and music suite, adjacent to the theater, provide avenues for artistic expression and physical activity.

Emphasizing the importance of outdoor activities, the school boasts an eight-lane track surrounding a soccer field, two softball fields, and two play fields. Additionally, tennis and basketball courts cater to students’ athletic pursuits.

Funding for this project comes from various sources, including $64 million in bonds from the Virginia Public School Authority, substantial savings from prior construction projects of almost $17 million, and $2 million from a general obligation bond approved by voters. The school is set to open its doors in 2025.

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