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Florida’s Printed horse barn completed, largest 3D-printed building

Printed Farms has finally completed construction on its Printed horse barn in Wellington, Southern Florida. This structure has surpassed the previous record-holder in the Middle East and taken the title of world’s largest 3D-printed building. Additionally, the developer claims that the new building is almost 50% larger than the previous record-holder.

The 3D-Printed horse barn is a single-story structure with dimensions of 155 ft length, 83 ft width and 13 ft height. The initial stage of the construction was an automated process that didn’t involve construction workers. Although the developers are yet to provide information on how long the entire printing process took. The plans show that it took them about 18 days to complete 3,200 sq ft.

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Printing machine used for the 3D-Printed horse barn


Printed Farms made use of COBOD‘s BOD2 construction 3D printer to build its 10,100 sq. foot 3D-Printed horse barn. According to COBOD the newly completed 3D-printed building was built to withstand extreme local weather conditions including hurricanes and tropical storms. Additionally, the building was designed with 3D-printed walls which create a cavity and air gap for natural cooling. COBOD also pointed out that the project would demonstrate the versatility and benefits of using 3D-printing technology in construction.


Printed Farms also used a sophisticated robotic machine to build the walls of the 3D-Printed horse barn. It extruded a cement-like mixture from its nozzle that created the walls in layers. However, the printing machine was not large enough to build the entire horse barn at once. As a result, the developer had to complete the printing in multiple sections. They started printing the sides of the building first and finally finished with the middle.


Once Printed Farms had completed the printing for the 3D-Printed horse barn, human builders later finished off the building. The construction workers handled the installation of the building’s roof, windows and doors. They also worked on the electrical fittings and other fixtures for the building.


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