Construction of Rehrig Pacific’s Manufacturing Plant in Buckeye Starts

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Work on the construction of Rehrig Pacific’s Manufacturing Plant in Buckeye has begun. Rehrig Pacific Company a Los Angeles-based environmental waste and supply chain partner is carrying out the project.

The first phase of the project includes the construction of a 260,000-square-foot facility, with room for incremental growth of up to 500,000 square feet. It is anticipated to be completed in late April of 2024.

Significance of the Rehrig Pacific’s Manufacturing Plant in Buckeye

The facility is anticipated to generate a large number of jobs in the area during and after the construction phase. Particularly, Andrew Resler, vice president and director of special projects said, the project will create 100 to 125 jobs.

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This will range from front office to administration and supervision, as well as engineering, maintenance, and automation. Resler stated that although some team members would relocate from Los Angeles, most of the new positions would be filled by residents of Buckeye and the Phoenix region.

Because of the nature of the task, the salaries for these positions will differ widely.

Rehrig footprint

According to Resler, Rehrig already has seven manufacturing locations around the nation. Rehrig had clients all over the western United States, therefore Buckeye’s proximity to an established clientele was attractive.

Resler added that Rehrig need a location with ample electricity and water supply. He claimed that Rehrig will consume a lot of power. The facility as a whole will use non-evaporative cooling methods to preserve water, resulting in very little water use.

Additionally, the plant must be close to a rail line and must be situated in a region with a large enough labour pool to cover all employment openings.