Road construction in Yale between 81st and 91st nears completion

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A south Tulsa road construction project, between 81st and 91st on Yale is nearing completion. It will, however, not be completed by the originally projected completion date. The road, however, was supposed to be finished this autumn.

Construction Manager Elliott Stiles, the project’s construction manager, said the project is moving along beautifully, although the completion date has been pushed back from autumn this year to April next year. Stiles noted that the weather has caused some delays, as well as utility work taking longer than anticipated.

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However, it is vital to emphasise the magnitude of this endeavour. Crew is widening Yale between 81st and 91st streets from two to six lanes, and that’s not all. Because to its winding and steep nature, this piece of road has a reputation for being deadly. As a result, in addition to enlarging the road, they are trying to straighten it up and flatten it. Stiles stated that one of the most significant aspects of the project is the installation of retaining walls.

“Some of these retaining walls, the entire structure itself, from the top of the wall to the bottom of the peers, can be as high as 85 feet,” he said. “Much of it is underground.” It’s work you’ll never see after we’re through. We had to drill through a lot of hard rock. Some of it took a long time and a lot of work to get that out.”

The end goal for the Yale road project between 81st and 91st

Stiles stated that this project is the final piece of the jigsaw that would connect I-44 to the Creek Turnpike with full lane capacity.

“We expect to see a lot of improvement in traffic and a lot of traffic safety improvements when we finish this project next April,” he added. “We cut down a lot of the hills and reduced a lot of the curves to improve sight distance.”