San Diego International Airport celebrates Terminal 1 milestone

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On Wednesday, the San Diego International Airport Authority celebrated the completion of Terminal 1’s steel framework.

Terminal 1’s first phase is scheduled to operate in late summer 2025. According to the airport authorities, the renovated terminal will feature extra room, a parking plaza, and a lane devoted to arrivals. Meanwhile, passengers continue to pass via the old terminal. Due to ongoing work, some traffic has been redirected.

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The first phase, according to the airport authority, will open in late summer 2025 and will include 19 gates. Additionally, a parking plaza, an elevated departures highway, outdoor check-in pavilions, and a dedicated arrivals lane.

Cabrera and Becker were joined by San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, representatives from Southwest and Delta airlines, and representatives from Turner Construction.

The T1 parking plaza is around 45% finished and is set to open in late 2024. This five-story building will include 5,200 parking spots. 10% of the parking spots in the new parking structure will include electric car charging stations.

According to the authority, work is also continuing on a three-lane on-airport access route that will transport traffic straight from Laurel Street to the airport, displacing 45,000 cars from Harbour Drive each day.

Details on the San Diego International Airport Terminal 1 project

In the first phase of the terminal, 19 new eateries and retail establishments will open. To complete the first phase of development, 500 contracted construction companies and 5,000 labourers have been employed. The second phase is set to open in 2028. Moreover, it will bring 11 additional gates to the new T1, bringing the total to 30.

“This project milestone would not be possible without the efforts of our Airport Authority Board and staff, our airline partners and the thousands who work for the Turner-Flatiron joint venture and its subcontractors,” stated Kimberly Becker, president and chief executive officer of the airport