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A new Steindler North Liberty Ambulatory Surgery Centre is now being built immediately east of Interstate 380, north of Forevergreen Road, contributing to the wave of medical facility construction taking place in that neighbourhood.

As part of a 36-acre healthcare campus that Steindler envisions will include a new orthopaedic clinic, hospital, and hotel, among other things, the Iowa City-based Steindler Orthopaedic Clinic team this week broke ground on their new 35,880-square-foot ambulatory surgery centre worth $29.3 million.

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The University of Iowa is also constructing a new 469,000-square-foot hospital campus around the intersection of Forevergreen Road and Highway 965 for $525.6 million, just west of the surgical facility.

With plans to open in July 2025, UIHC began construction on its project in September 2021.

In addition, Steindler anticipates opening its surgery centre in the first quarter of 2025 after adjusting the budget and schedule to account for inflation and global events. Although it hasn’t altered its time frame, the UI Health Care project cited the same justifications when it increased its budget by 33% to $500 million last year.

The new rooms at the Steindler North Liberty Ambulatory Surgery Centre

The new Steindler North Liberty Ambulatory Surgery Centre has 24 to 30 pre-op preparation and recovery rooms, six larger and more contemporary operating rooms for outpatient orthopaedic procedures, a dedicated space for physical and occupational therapy, as well as business offices and conference rooms.

The 73 year old Steindler Orthopaedic Clinic will move to a new 71,000 square foot facility next to the ambulatory surgical centre since it has outgrown its 33,000-square-foot building in east Iowa City. This facility will offer “state-of-the-art therapy and sports rehabilitation services.”

According to Steindler’s request to the State Health Facilities Council, “Patients and payers are seeking access to more convenient, comfortable, and less expensive options for outpatient services closer to home, with shorter wait times and more individualised care.” Each of these is provided by (ambulatory surgery centres) in a non-hospital outpatient environment that costs, on average, 40% less than outpatient hospital settings.