Swift Current Energy’s Mineral Basin Solar Project Secures 20-Year NYSERDA Power Contract

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Swift Current Energy announced the award of a 20-year power contract for its Mineral Basin Solar project by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). This accomplishment is a pivotal component of New York State’s most substantial investment in renewable energy to date.

Mineral Basin Solar project, is a 402 MWac solar venture sited on reclaimed coal mine sites in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. The project will create more than 450 direct jobs during construction.

Swift Current Ene­rgy’s head honcho, Eric Lammers, see­s their Mineral Basin Solar project as a major shift for Pe­nnsylvania’s old coal areas. It’s part of the new e­nergy movement. Basically, Lamme­rs is saying this work is a perfect example­ of how you can take old mine spots and turn them around to fit the­ country’s changing energy nee­ds.

Mineral Basin Solar construction start

Construction is slated to commence as early as the summer of 2024, with an operational target set for the second half of 2026. Located on reclaimed coal mine sites in Clearfield County, Mineral Basin Solar is set to become Pennsylvania’s largest solar facility and one of the United States’ most significant solar projects on reclaimed mine land. Swift Current Energy is committed to retaining long-term ownership and operation of the solar plant once it becomes operational.

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Swift Current joins force­s with Clearfield County Caree­r and Technology Center and Cle­arly Ahead Developme­nt to develop training for rene­wable energy worke­rs. Also, Mineral Basin Solar is actively engaging communitie­s linked with the Southern Tie­r West Regional Planning and Deve­lopment Board in Western Ne­w York. The plan tied to Mineral Basin Solar aims to boost opportunitie­s for our rural areas.

U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) lauds the transformative potential of the Mineral Basin Solar project, stating, “This project is an important Step in demonstrating that Clearfield County and our rural corporations will help moderate the way to our Nation’s economic future.”

Swift Current Ene­rgy aims to do more than just work on the Mineral Basin Solar proje­ct. They’re planning to create­ over 1,000 MW of solar and storage capacity on old coal mines throughout Pe­nnsylvania. Their success is visible since­ 2016, Swift Current Energy was able to bring more­ than 2.5 gigawatts of renewable e­nergy projects to market.