The First Commercial-Scale South Fork Wind Offshore WindFarm in the US Successfully Concludes Construction

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Governor Kathy Hochul of New York State and US Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland have collaboratively revealed the commencement of the South Fork Wind offshore windfarm, in the United States. This significant project, comprising 12 wind turbines signifies a moment as it becomes the large scale offshore wind farm to be functioning in the nation. These turbines are currently, in operation providing electricity to Long Island and the Rockaways.


The Governor Hochul emphasized her devotion and pledge to every New Yorker as she is the one who started the project of the South Fork as they both aim in making a sustainable future. She said that this declaration is not a mere dream rather is being implemented as South Fork Wind is actually running a turbine through which households and businesses on Long Island are getting their energy supply.


Looking ahead Governor Hochul highlighted that this is the beginning of New Yorks venture into wind energy. She expressed anticipation for collaborations with the Biden Administration and local authorities to establish a friendly and resilient energy grid through upcoming projects.

In response Secretary Haaland underscored that the Department of the Interior is dedicated to President Bidens vision of advancing an sustainable clean energy economy.


The completion of the South Fork project delivering 130 MW of wind energy to Long Island exemplifies their commitment, to creating jobs supporting economies and promoting justice.
Today serves as evidence that the shift, towards energy in America is not just a distant vision but a reality unfolding before our eyes.

Originally approved by the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) Board of Trustees back in 2017 the South Fork Wind project kicked off its construction journey in February 2022 starting with setting up the export cable system connecting it to the Long Island grid. The windfarm achieved a milestone in June 2023 with the installation of its monopile foundation and completed its final turbine installation in February.

Oceanic Network responded enthusiastically stating that the successful completion of the South Fork Wind offshore windfarm is a milestone, for the offshore wind industry in the United States.


On their part, they emphasized the fact that this project will be the only one where import cables made in South Carolina, an offshore substation built in Texas and the coming-in of the first US service operation vessel which is due to leave from Louisiana. Next, in preparation for the assembly of turbines, blades were produced in Providence, Rhode Island while refurbished port was used for the assembly in Connecticut. The range of companies was diversified by bringing in stevedores, engineering consultants and construction contributors.


“The commencement of operations at this commercial scale windfarm signifies a chapter, for the US offshore wind industry.””Now it’s not a matter of whether we’re able to. Rather how quickly we can do it.””The start of activities, at this large scale wind farm marks an era for the offshore wind sector in the United States. It’s no longer, about our capability. About how efficiently we can achieve it.”

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