The new State Road 44 Bridge in Florida is nearing completion

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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is working on the construction of a new state road 44 Bridge over the St. Johns River in Florida. The new bridge is now nearing completion. The bridge connects Volusia and Lake counties. This ambitious project commenced in July 2020. The new bridge is expected to be open for public use by the upcoming fall season.

Currently, the building team is on finalizing the bridge deck, the very surface that will serve as a pathway for automobiles, pedestrians, and cyclists. This new addition to the state road 44 bridge aims to address the mounting traffic congestion issues that have emerged due to the gradual population increase since the 68-year-old Whitehair Bridge was first erected.

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Scope of the new State Road 44 Bridge project

The scope of this new State 44 road bride project in Florida extends beyond the construction of the bridge itself. It encompasses the creation of two stormwater management ponds, the reconstruction of the surrounding roadway leading to the bridge, the replacement of the traffic signal at County Road 42 and S.R. 44, improvements to access roads, and provisions for a future 12-foot-wide multi-use trail spanning the bridge.

A key highlight of the new state road 44 bridge is its impressive 45-foot clearance. It will allow smooth passage for water traffic on the St. Johns River without the need for a drawbridge mechanism. In contrast, the existing Francis P. Whitehair Bridge, a midlevel movable drawbridge constructed back in 1955, has been plagued by age-related maintenance requirements. Despite its initial cost of $45.4 million, the decision was made to replace the aging bridge entirely.

Once the new state road 44 bridge in Florida is completed and opens in the fall of 2023. The traffic will be diverted to this modern marvel. However, it’s important to note that the finalization of the entire project, including the demolition of the existing bridge and the completion of the surrounding area, is expected to extend into 2024.

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