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Universal Studios Hollywood is getting a brand-new coaster with a Fast & Furious theme. The Los Angeles-based theme park, which is located next to the Universal back lot, revealed on Wednesday that construction has started on the roller coaster. The coaster will be themed on the more than two-decade-long series. The series of movies has brought the studio more than $7 billion at the global box office.

According to the statement, the attraction will use “innovative and technological achievements” to build a brand-new thrill experience. The rollercoaster’s cutting-edge system will fully immerse visitors in the world of the movie. This maintains Universal Destinations & Experiences’ decades of experience creating modern rollercoasters.

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In October a snapshot of a geotechnical study submitted by the theme park was published on Twitter. This is when word of the new roller coaster first gained headlines. According to the report, planners intended for the ride’s track to start in the top lot. It will cross the Starway Escalator, then descend towards the lower lot before climbing back up.

The Concept behind the Fast and Furious coaster

The “Fast and Furious” coaster would have cars that “drift” on the coaster track to mimic the movement of cars in the movies, assuming the concept image is true. The theme park closed the Animal Actors show, the Special Effects show, and the Production Central Store. This was in order to create room for the upcoming attraction.A blog for theme parks Residents who live close to the amusement park have expressed concerns about the additional noise pollution the new attraction would cause in the neighbourhood.  Sound levels were then tested in the vicinity of the new coaster’s planned position to determine how far the sound would travel. Further, no potential opening date has been announced at this time.