University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire to begin construction on New Science and Health Sciences Building

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Construction is set to break ground in July next year on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s new Science and Health Sciences Building.

Where the building is located

The building will be built on the sites of the former Katharine Thomas and Putnam halls. They were both demolished in the fall of 2022. This is right next to Vicki Lord Larson Hall and McIntyre Library.

How big will the building be?

The five-story, 330,000-square-foot Science and Health Sciences Building will house several academic programs. These include biology, chemistry and biochemistry, computer science, geography and anthropology. Additionally, geology and environmental science, public health and environmental studies. Moreover, neuroscience, materials science and biomedical engineering, physics and astronomy, and nursing are also to be housed in the building.

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The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire new building costs

Altogether, the US$340.3 million building will replace the 60-year-old deteriorating Phillips Hall. This hall no longer meets the needs of UW-Eau Claire students. Further, Phillips Hall is the most expensive building to maintain on UW-Eau Claire’s campus and the least efficient building to operate.

The final stage of the project is for the demolition of Phillips Hall after construction of the science building and move-in is completed. Additionally, the Phillips Hall site will be developed to add parking spaces with the remainder to be restored to green space.

“After years of hard work, the Science and Health Sciences Building is becoming a reality. This is thanks to the collaborative efforts of our many community partners, state legislators and everyone on our campus. They all saw the need and worked tirelessly to make it happen,” Chancellor James Schmidt says. “ Moreover, Mayo Clinic Health System’s financial commitment to integrated research space will help build this state-of-the-art facility. It will provide additional innovative opportunities for our nationally recognized undergraduate research programs, and impart a transformative educational experience for the Blugolds who will become our future scientists and health care leaders.”