US-based AECOM Wins Delivery Partner Role on the $6 Billion Baltimore Rail Tunnel Project

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US-based AECOM-led joint venture with Jacobs has been selected as delivery role partners on the Baltimore rail tunnel project. The companies have been awarded this role by US national rail company Amtrak which is in charge of the project. The scope of this project entails the realignment of the Amtrak Northeast corridor which is 16km in length. The project will also upgrade the tunnel through the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Currently, this section of the railway line runs through the 2.3km Baltimore and Potomac tunnel.
It connects Amtrak’s Baltimore Penn Station with the West Baltimore station. The station is run by Marc (Maryland Area Rail Commuter). The revamp of the tunnel is essential for both Amtrak and Marc services as it is impacted by age-related issues. This includes water infiltration and even a sinking floor. The new Frederick Douglass Tunnel will feature two new high-capacity tubes for electrified passenger trains

The Significance of the Baltimore Rail Tunnel Project.

The Baltimore rail tunnel project is of the essence as it seeks to ensure that the rail tunnels used for transportation meet the required standards. One of the tunnels under this revamp project is the Frederick Douglas Tunnel. At the moment, the Frederick Douglas tunnel acts as a bottleneck for both Amtrak and Marc services. The Baltimore rail tunnel project seeks to revamp the tunnel and sort out some of the issues. This includes the deteriorating structure of the tunnel and a sinking floor. Furthermore, the tunnel will be equipped with modern fire and life safety systems which it solely lacks. The installation of these systems will ensure that passengers are safe in the event of emergencies. Also part of the project is the construction of new rail bridges and roads, new rail systems, and tracks. All these will ensure the delivery of a new accessible West Baltimore station.

The Contractors Involved in the Construction Project

The Aecom-Jacobs joint venture will oversee the full breadth of the Baltimore rail tunnel project. This entails the supervision of all anticipated contractors that will be brought on board. The scope of services the consortium is to offer includes program management, design oversight, and construction oversight. It also entails commissioning oversight, program controls, and commercial capacity building. The joint venture company is to ensure that the project is delivered according to the plans and implementations put in place.Baltimore rail tunnel project

Construction is yet to commence as the project is in the demolition phase, with major construction activities expected to begin later this year. The client company, Amtrak, expects that the project will be completed by the end of 2035. Aecom has maintained a track record of facilitating the delivery of some of the world’s largest railway projects. This is a trend it seeks to continue in its delivery role on the Baltimore rail tunnel project.

State of Affairs Regarding the Delivery Partner Role Offered

In a recent press review, Aecom is delighted to have been brought on board to facilitate the Baltimore rail tunnel project. AECOM Transportation chief executive Mark Southwell said: “As the trusted delivery partner on some of the world’s most transformative rail projects, we’re proud to continue our long-standing history with Amtrak to deliver this highly complex tunneling program. This ambitious program will enhance passenger mobility by unlocking the biggest rail bottleneck between Washington D.C. and New Jersey. It will also support low-carbon, electrified service, and foster economic growth through job creation in Baltimore and the surrounding region.”

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