US-Based KBR Secures Lobito Refinery Project

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The US-based engineering company KBR, has recently managed to secure the project management contract that will require them to provide the design and construction works for a brand new Lobito Refinery Project , a 200,000bpd refinery plant that will be located in Lobito, Angola.

The Angola-based oil and gas company, Sonangol, issued the contract, which further extends over 20 years of partnership with KBR company in the development and establishing of natural resource projects that will be situated in Angola.

According to the contract agreement that was reached by the two sides, KBR has been tasked with the responsibility of project management of the engineering works, procurement services, and lastly the execution of the construction phase of the Lobito Refinery Project.

Upon completion the refinery project, Angola is poised to have up to 200% rise in its capacity to be able to produce the fuel products within Angola in an approach that is deemed to be efficient and sustainably improved.

About KBR Company

KBR does the delivery of science, technology, and also engineering solutions to governments of various countries and companies globally. The company employs about 34,000 workers across the globe and also has customers in more than 80 countries and operations in more than 30 countries.


“We are very happy to be a part of this crucial project and to keep growing and also maintain a presence that is quite substantial in the region,” said the KBR president in charge of sustainable technology solutions, Jay Ibrahim. “This win shows the strategic commitment of KBR to offer its differentiated technical services that will support the sustainable development goals of Angolan region,” he added.

Significance of the Lobito Refinery Project

According to a statement that was issued by KBR, the upcoming Lobito Refinery Project is one of the most important energy infrastructure projects in the region and is set to contribute greatly to the energy independence of the country. Additionally, this upcoming project will contribute to a significant number of jobs and also the general economic development in the region.

In the previous year, KBR was able to wind up the FEED phase of the Lobito refinery project, and handed in a design that was deemed to be cost competitive that was able to meet the goals set by Sonangol while meeting the emission standards of the industry. The company also added that this upcoming refinery project is in accordance with its strategy in energy transition so as to be able to come up with solutions that are environmental friendly.

Its FEED design also provided that it was able to meet the 2030 African and European Product Specifications by ensuring that the river-water consumption and the waste-water treatment needs were cut by 30%, due to the design of the cooling system of the Lobito Refinery Project that is to be constructed.

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