Whitecap NPI, 1st coastal luxury residential and resort destination in North Padre Island, Texas

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A 240-acre development dubbed Whitecap NPI has broken ground at North Padre Island in Corpus Christi, Texas. Earlier this month, the co-developers Ashlar Development LLC and Diamond Beach Holdings hosted an event to mark the project’s milestone. According to the developers, Whitecap NPI will be the island’s first coastal luxury residential and resort destination.

Ashlar Development’s President, Steve Yetts said the new residential community would set a new standard for coastal living. Especially since its design plan will also focus on enhancing the communal feeling for residents through both canal and street-level experiences.

Development plans for the Whitecap NPI

The developers have estimated that the construction costs for Whitecap NPI will be about $800 million. They plan to execute the entire project in four different phases over a ten-year period. However, the property will feature more than 600 residencies once it reaches completion. It includes a mix of single-family homes, villas, condos and cross-generational housing. 

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The Whitecap NPI residential homes will be integrated into nature and connected to the gulf coast. Additional plans also call for a yacht club, dry stack marina as well as a resort-style hotel. Residents will enjoy a variety of retail, dining and entertainment options.

Many homes will have canal access for boating and water sports, and they will be located within the island enclaves. In addition,  bridges, boardwalks and walking paths will be available to connect these homes to the rest of the community.

Whitecap NPI’s design team will include PLACE Designers Inc. who will handle residential architecture, while Cadence will handle landscape architecture. However, Turner Ramirez Architects will take charge of commercial and amenity design.

LJA Engineering LLC will serve as the structural engineer, with DeLeo and Fletcher Design working on the interior design. Meanwhile,  Strategyst LLC  will handle all the required marketing and sales for the project.

The representative of Diamond Beach Holdings, Jennifer Hoff, was pleased that the Whitecap NPI project would open up the waterways. She pointed out that the water connection is quite important to the community.