Pomona Smart City Project Underway In Harare, Zimbabwe.

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WestProp Holdings Limited (WHL), a prominent property developer, is making significant strides in turning its ambitious vision of Pomona City into a reality. The company aims to transform Harare’s property market by implementing a unique “city within a city” concept. As the project’s infrastructure development on a sprawling 273-hectare land progresses, WHL is set to redefine the notion of a secure, gated premium lifestyle and establish a cutting-edge smart city.

The concept of a smart city revolves around the principles of living, working, playing, and shopping. Leveraging advanced information and communication technologies, Pomona City will optimize its existing infrastructure, including roads, buildings, government departments, and ecosystems. WHL’s CEO, Kenneth Sharpe, revealed that the entrance to Pomona City will feature a sales house, a guard room, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence gadgets, and a green energy charge room to power the facility and surveillance cameras.

Sharpe emphasized that Pomona City goes beyond selling residential stands; it offers an investment in a lifestyle community where residents can seamlessly integrate their living, working, shopping, and recreational activities. Some buyers have already started constructing their properties, showcasing early signs of the project’s success.

How Pomona City Project Will Foster A Fusion Of Cultures.

WHL has engaged world-renowned architects to develop the master plan and construct structures that will foster a fusion of cultures and create a truly cosmopolitan environment. The lifestyle community at Pomona City combines technology, communal living spaces, and unique social amenities, setting it apart from traditional suburban designs. These exclusive social amenities are reserved for property owners, ensuring privacy and preserving the value of the estate.

Drawing inspiration from the infrastructure developments and designs of Dubai, WHL aims to replicate their quality and excellence in building Pomona City. With a market value of US$105 million, Pomona City represents WHL’s most expensive ongoing project, highlighting its commitment to bringing transformative changes to Zimbabwe’s real estate industry.

In the second phase of Pomona City, WHL plans to introduce a leasehold model, making property acquisition more affordable by separating the cost of land from the built-up unit. Under this model, homeowners lease the land from the developer, significantly reducing the initial investment. Land rentals ranging from US$50 to $200 per month will be paid, with the lease valid for up to 50 years and renewable indefinitely. The separate ownership rights of the land allow for its transfer when selling the building or passing it on to the homeowners’ beneficiaries.

By utilizing their vast land banks, WHL envisions creating a real estate portfolio valued between US$1 billion and US$5 billion. Alongside Pomona City, WHL’s major projects include Pokugara Residential Estate, Millennium Heights, The Mall of Zimbabwe, Millennium Heights Office Park, and The Hills Golf Estate.

Pomona City stands as a testament to WHL’s commitment to revolutionizing Harare’s property market, introducing innovative concepts, and redefining the way residents live, work, and engage with their surroundings.

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