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Whanganui Airport is about to take flight with a significant transformation on the horizon. The last time this crucial lifeline underwent a makeover was back in 2007 when they laid down a layer of chip seal. Since 2017, diligent maintenance crews have been busy sealing up those pesky surface cracks. But now, it’s time for a more substantial transformation.

Prepare for a fresh layer of asphalt. This upgrade ensures 15 years of smooth operation at Whanganui Airport. As Sarah O’Hagan, the property general manager of Whanganui District Council, emphasizes, “The airport is a vital part of our local infrastructure.” The project’s wings are being fueled by the Whanganui Airport Joint Venture, a partnership between Whanganui District Council and Te Manatū Waka Ministry of Transport. For more insights on these exciting developments, take a peek at the ‘Runway Project’ section on the council’s website.

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Revitalizing Whanganui Airport’s Vital Lifeline

Daily flights ferrying visitors and commuters to and from Whanganui and Auckland are made possible by Air Chathams. Additionally, the airport houses crucial services, including Air Whanganui’s air ambulance, the New Zealand International Commercial Pilot Academy, Mid West Helicopters, and Ravensdown Aerowork.

The splendid news is that local and central government investments are pouring in, funding the holistic development of the airport. These actions, from runway resurfacing to terminal re-roofing, ensure a bright future for Whanganui and secure the airport’s vitality. The airport isn’t just a gateway; it’s a thriving hub for flight-based businesses and services. It’s a vital link, uniting the city and district with the rest of New Zealand, ensuring continued accessibility and connection.

Meanwhile, as the sun dips below the horizon, the real work begins. The skilled folks at Fulton Hogan will toil through the night, meticulously resurfacing the runway starting on Tuesday, October 24, with the grand finale anticipated by the end of November. Ultimately, this will ensure a smoother journey for all Whanganui Airport users. Imagine this: In the dark of night, up to 50 trucks transport 600 tonnes of asphalt to resurface 130 meters of the 1.4-kilometer runway.

Rosemary Fletcher, the council’s capital works manager, cautions the locals to keep their eyes peeled when driving at night. “Fulton Hogan will have about 50 personnel and 20 construction vehicles on-site each night during the work period. The work will occur in five shifts from 6 pm until 6 am, Sunday evening through to Friday morning.” So, if Wikitoria Road, Airport Road, or nearby side roads are home to you, be vigilant for heavy vehicle activity as nocturnal work begins.

Don’t worry, Phil McBride, the Whanganui Airport manager, has a plan. The airport closes after the last passenger flight at 7:20 pm and reopens for the 6:45 am flight to Auckland the next morning. In this dynamic city, change is in the air, and it all begins with a brand-new runway. Whanganui Airport is ready to reach new heights.