Inland Rail Project: Phase 1 Nears Completion

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Inland Rail Project’s Narrabri to North Star Phase 1 section is now approaching its final stages, with an expected completion date by the end of October. This remarkable stretch, spanning Camurra to North Star in NSW, will spring back to life at the month’s end.

This renewal signifies a vital milestone, enabling trains to service grain silos at Milguy, Croppa Creek, and North Star. Trans4m, the contractor working alongside the Australian Rail Track Corporation, is now focusing on crucial finishing touches and commissioning activities along the alignment.

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Inland Rail Project Elevating Australia’s Connectivity

Peter Borrelli, the Inland Rail Project Director for Narrabri to North Star, expressed pride in the team’s accomplishments. He credited their collaboration with Trans4m Rail, emphasizing the fantastic results set to benefit local industries, rail operators, and communities. Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude to customers for their patience, particularly amid challenges like flooding, mouse plagues, and the pandemic.

Anticipating the future, the completion of Narrabri to North Star Phase 1 promises to enhance efficiency, reliability, and weather resilience on the main line. Furthermore, the blueprint encompasses impressive enhancements, including the addition of five new crossing loops, seven bridge upgrades, and improved safety conditions at 57 level crossings.

The successful realization of Phase 2 will not only open doors for freight customers to transport heavier volumes at increased speeds but also expand their access to the ARTC Hunter Valley Rail Network. This crucial next step significantly underscores the strategic vision of Inland Rail in bolstering connectivity and efficiency.

Narrabri to North Star marks the second major construction milestone in the Inland Rail Project. This is after the Parkes to Narromine lines were commissioned in September 2020. As progress surges forward, the Inland Rail Project continues to pave the way for enhanced rail transportation in Australia. Consequently, this initiative fosters growth, resilience, and connectivity.