Work on The Bioceanica Bridge Reaches 40%

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Linking Paraguay’s Carmelo Peralta city and the Brazilian Puerto Murtinho city, the Bioceanica Bridge’s construction work, recently reached 40 percent. The information was provided by Paraguay’s Ministry of Public Works. The bridge is said to be crucial since it offers continuity to the road that is expected to link Brazil’s Atlantic to Chile’s Pacific.

Engineer Paul Sarubbi, Technical Manager of Tecnoedil SA, highlighted that the construction works were carried out on time, and on schedule as planned.

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Tecnoedil SA is said to be part of the Pybra consortium with Construtora Cidade and Paulitec.

He expressed his delight regarding the work and what this means for his company to take part in. This is because it’s going to represent a monumental link that will occur between the Pacific ocean and the Atlantic ocean via the Chaco of Paraguay.

Who will benefit more from the Bioceanica Bridge’s establishment?

Paraguay is expected to benefit more from the project which is also projected to change the entire region’s logistics.

According to the engineer, executing this kind of project presents a huge challenge in that region. He also said that they are working to see the jobs benefiting trained local people. The acquired workforce will keep those technical jobs that would serve the people permanently. 

Establishing the bridge’s final elevation layout and maintaining the river’s navigability is an underlying factor that define its typology. The Bioceanica bridge design allows a navigation channel to exist. The channel itself is centered on the Paraguay River which is 195 meters wide and 29 meters long. The navigation channel exists even with those times where the river floods to its highest.

Initial works on the bridge’s establishment began with the survey of the topography, road opening as well as training of the workforce.

Drilling of the first of the 302 piles followed later and formed the basis of the project.

Representing a milestone in the country’s road infrastructure, the Bioceanica Bridge, has an extension of roughly 1,294 meters. The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) is overseeing the undertaking. Finances for the construction works are provided by Itaipu Binational.