World-First Natural Gas Research Facility by Curtin University Breaks Ground

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The construction of a leading natural gas research facility in Western Australia, which is expected to revolutionize global offshore asset management, has formally started. This brand-new world-class facility led by Curtin University and Chevron Australia will spearhead research in developing innovative solutions for global corroding of natural gas pipeline infrastructure.

The newly designed flow loop research field has a purported construction cost of about ~$4 million. The specialized facility will ensure operators are able to develop fine-tuned strategies for mitigating corrosion in high-flow and corrosive conditions.

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Curtin University and Chevron Pioneering The World’s- First Natural Gas Research Facility

The expansive floor loop structure will enable testing in a range of environments simulating various corrosion factors. Studies are able analyze impacts of speed, pollution, materials used for the line and temperatures. Uniquely, the facility boasts of being able to perform testing whilst under the influence of mercury vapor unlike any other research centre due to its complex nature.

The project will be unique in that it has specialized research ability and can be applied in a real-life scenario. Furthermore, the natural gas research facility is an international leader on natural gas corrosion studies. This is because it aims at controlled variation of multiple corrosion factors and novel mercury contamination experiments. This makes it unique that no other purpose-built flow loop in the world can boast of such credentials.

This new facility showcases successful collaboration between academia and industry for mutual benefit. Today, the flow loop is breaking ground as a result of years of effort from leaders at Curtin and Chevron. This is a turning point for the university, becoming an exemplary role model for success in natural gas research.

There will be an excellent chance provided for valuable corrosion training. This will assist PhD students with the creation of more than three project works.

This new natural gas research facility will combat flow-induced corrosion towards creating safer, sustainable and cheaper operations in future offshore productions. Do stay with us, so that we can capture how Curtin leads in the forefront of gas asset integrity innovations!