Zambian President breaks ground on United Capital fertilizer plant construction

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Recently, President Hichilema presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for the United Capital fertilizer plant. The plant, which will be built by United Capital Fertilizer Zambia Company Limited, will be located in Lusaka’s Chilanga district.

The plant’s objective is to help the country cease fertilizer imports within the next two years. The President said that the UPND leadership is determined to ensure that Zambia has enough food and that investment in such areas is highly welcome, during the event.

According to President Hichilema, this is the supportive policy and business environment they want.

He also said that positive discrimination is one of their policies, provided the Zambian firm meets the necessary standards. President Hichilema stated that this would increase employment and keep money circulating locally.

Zambia’s long-term plan calls for it to progressively begin importing less fertilizer and other inputs for agriculture. In order to develop Zambia as a country, the President stated that the government is an avid supporter of buying Zambian products.

The United Capital fertilizer plant’s construction cost

The United Capital fertilizer plant is expected to cost $600 million once completed.

He said that they were appealing to Zambians to adapt and join them in putting the slogan into action. Also, he claimed that the farmers that utilize the product have certainty thanks to their own fertilizer production. The president noted that they are working to become net exporters of the highly sought-after product.

It will also be cheaper for Zambians. Their aims are more productive, more exports, and fewer imports, and they are convinced that Zambia will export skills in addition to products and services. He further said that their attention is on the project.

Zambia will be self-sufficient in fertilizers over the next two years. This is according to Agriculture Minister Reuben Mtolo, who spoke at the same event. According to Chipoka Mulenga, minister of commerce, trade, and industry, the plant is concrete evidence of President Hichilema’s ambition to revive the economy.

China will support Zambia in contributing to improving the globe’s food security. These were the words of Du Xiohui, the Chinese ambassador to Zambia.

According to Zhang Jinyue, Vice President of Wuhuan Engineering Company, the company building the fertilizer plant, the local people will be trained to operate the plant. The plant will be fitted with cutting-edge technology that supports environmental sustainability.

750 jobs have already been created at the plant that will produce urea fertilizer.