Billund Aquaculture to Build the Ensenada Hatchery and Nursery Project in Mexico

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The International Billund Aquaculture was recently commissioned by Pacifico Aquaculture, a Mexican company to design and execute its new Ensenada hatchery and nursery project.

Once complete, the land-based facility, designed to be a Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS), will be the first one in the world to produce striped bass on a large scale.

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The project will be located in Baja California’s Ensenada Bay area, Mexico, with construction work expected to commence next month.

Expected annual production capacity

It will have an annual output capacity of 8 million fish.

The 80 g juveniles produced at the facility will subsequently be transferred to grow-out sites owned by Billund Aquaculture. These sites are approximately 20 KM from the Pacific’s Ocean’s coast.

There are 17 independent intensive-RAS units included in the new site. It is said that these units are based on Billund Aquaculture with 10 broodstock systems, two weaning systems and three nursery systems as well as two larval systems.

The new Ensenada hatchery and nursery project is said to be the first RAS design undertaken in Mexico by Billund Aquaculture, despite carrying out its operations in more than 30 nations worldwide.

When will the Ensenada hatchery and nursery project be commissioned?

The project’s construction works are expected to last for a year, with the facility entering operations in 2025.

According to CEO of Billund Aquaculture Chile, Marcelo Varela, the contract is very important for Billund Aquaculture. It reflects a huge milestone achieved towards diversifying the number of species bred by employing RAS.

He claimed that the country is a new market for the company that has a huge potential. This is because it is close to big markets like the United States as well as the availability of new species which could be farmed.

About the company

Billund Aquaculture is a company specialized in the designing of recirculating fish farms, execution as well as starting up.

The company has successfully executed more than 130 projects, with outlets in over 20 countries.