Construction Commences on 120-MWp Kairouan solar photovoltaic project in Tunisia by AMEA Power

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AMEA Power, major Dubai based renewable energy firm, has started its 120megawatt peak (MWp) Kairouan solar photovoltaic in Tunisia, which puts it in the league of the first renewable energy projects involving the private sector and independent power production (IPP) by directly injecting green electricity to the grid. This success marks the commencement of AMEA Power’s first plus operational project in North African state . It is an investment of USD 86 million (EUR 80. 1 million) under a project company, Kairouan Solar Plant S. C. S. , which is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMEA Power registered in Tunisia. The needed investment for this endeavor was gathered from through International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, and the African Development Bank (AfDB).


The Kairouan project, which is developed and run by AMEA Power, was awarded through an international tender that Tunisian Ministry launched late last year on ” Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”. This stage signifies the onset of the tough process of drawing up the concession and 20-year Power Purchase Agreements with the Tunisian power and gas company, STEG Stephen, that had already been signed in June 2021. The deputies ratified Tunisian government in May 2022 the treaties officially, kick starting construction.

Commencement of operation

Projected to commence operations by fourth quarter of 2025, the Kairouan solar farm is target being put well ahead to that date, according to AMEA Power’s predictions.


The dawn of construction work on the Kairouan solar photovoltaic project is a clear sign of the enhancement of the Share of renewable energy in Tunisian energy.

Solar Farm in Tunisia

The intended project not only reveals the AMEA Power’s need to extend its area of operations in the region but also clarifies its interest in becoming the vital player in providing sustainability energy solutions across Africa and beyond.


The other side, working with IFC and AFDB  two key global financial institutions focused on renewables, also shows how the rising importance of renewables as a key driver for economic growth and environmental stewardship is gaining momentum. A well-coordinated partnership that involves each public and private organization shows us they are one of the keys to speed up the process of renewable energy development and to deal with climate change problem.


After commissioning, the plant will boast a power capacity of 225 GWh per annum which will be generated through the process of thermal power generation. This amount of output is deemed to be enough to meet the energy needs of more than 43,000 homes, althought one of the main catalysts of this project is to provide the required energy to support Tunisia’s development.

We make sure to follow well-proven green construction way, respecting environmental sustainability and employing good social values. Its care of local communities and stakeholders are illustrated by its endeavors to create employment openings, enhance the skill-levels as well as generate stable development processes for the economic welfare within the regions where it has implemented its activities.


Finally, the starting of the construction of the Kairouan solar photovoltaic project highlights the fact that Tunisia is embarking on another milestone in its renewable energy endeavors. AMEA Power’s collaboration and pioneering ideas affirm its lead position in supporting the African region in becoming more environmentally friendly and self-sufficient.

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