Ellinikon: Europe’s Largest Smart City Project Underway in Athens

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Ellinikon is the largest smart city project in Europe, built on the former territory of the international airport in Athens, Greece, and the construction has already begun.

Construction cost

This grand project of $9 billion seeks to redevelop the 1,530-acre site into a new sustainable city that incorporates Information Communication Technology and environmental conservation systems that would improve the standard of living of the anticipated populace and spur economic growth. Lamda Development is the developers of Ellinikon , one of the largest real estate investors in Greece. Ellinikon is aimed to become a living testament of sustainable living and a showcase of innovation. The development will comprise of dwellings, offices, cultural facilities and leisure units connected by modern smart systems. Of the features of the project, one of the most important is the development of one of the biggest coastal parks in Europe of the area of more than 250 hectares.


These landscape designs will include a green space that will help in ensuring that people take part in physical activities and at the same time ensure environmental conservation. A key aspect in the project vision of Ellinikon is a clear focus on sustainability. The building designs for the city will utilize renewable energy like solar and wind energy hence lowering emission levels. Sophisticated systems of water purification and disposal will be used in order to utilize water to the maximum and avoid misuse and wastage. These systems shall aid in treating and recycling the wastewater for use in irrigation and other non portable uses to promote the use of circular economy in the city.


All buildings in Ellinikon will be developed to the highest standards of energy efficiency that will result in the implementation of smart grids as well as the use of other energy-saving technologies and green building principles. It will also feature very comprehensive cycling and foot trails for environmentalism, and minimal commercial car access. Technologies for Intelligent and Connected Urban Environment, Ellinikon will take a set of advanced technologies to enhance the connectivity and productivity of the city. Other smart technologies will be in charge of traffic control and public transport, thus improving traffic flow and minimizing conjestion.

Physical systems in cities will be designed smartly, having IoT connections that will unleash details about its numerous functions, leading to efficient usage of resources and services. Utilities in Ellinikon will operate online to ensure that the citizens can get services with ease and in a short duration. Intelligent control of street lighting, collection of garbage, and energy management systems will enhance productivity for smart city by making it sustainable and enhance the quality of life of citizens.


Ellinikon’s advancement is likely to produce great ripple-effects in economic sectors within the broader region of Athens. It is important to note that the project will create thousands of jobs during the construction period and will generate many employment opportunities in a city when fully functional. Why these job types will be created These jobs will exist in different industries such as construction, technology and innovation, renewable energy, health care, and education, leading to a diverse and stable economy. On the social level, Ellinikon will provide the people residing in the place with a good standard quality. These will include cultural facilities, art museums, performing arts, and schools and other learning institutions that will enable the city’s residents and other people to be part of a cultural and classroom. According to Lamda,  Ellinikon could , “serve as a prototype for responsible development that can be replicated globally.”

Primary leisure and recreational services such as sports complexes and well-being centers will help the people lead healthy living. Greek translation: Ellinikon is a leap forward in urban planning, establishing a model of what a smart city should look like for the entire Europe and other countries. Conducted through the concepts of smart city using modern technologies, renewable power, and optimum use of resources, the project is expected to produce a sightseeing efficient and comfortable urbanisation for both residents and tourists. Finally, Ellinikon state will not only change the face of Athens city but also set the example for other cities that aspire to have sustainable construction technological advancement.

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