Five largest operating hydro power plants in South Africa

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Listed below are the five largest hydro power plants by capacity in South Africa. ingula, Drakensberg, Palmiet, Gariep and Vanderkloof

1. Ingula

The 1,332 MW hydro power project Ingula is in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. This is the largest hydro power plant in South Africa. Ingula cost US$ 2 billion spent to build Ingula. In 2016, the project was commissioned after construction had been completed. Eskom Holdings SOC developed the project. The project is owned by Eskom Holdings SOC. Buy the profile here.

2. Drakensberg

A 1,000MW Drakensberg hydro power plant opened in 1981. It runs through the mountains of KwaZulu Natal’s Northern Drakensberg and carries water from Thukela River over this mountain range to Wilge River.. South Africa, Department of Water Affairs and Forestry; Eskom Holdings SOC.

3. Palmiet

Palmiet is a 400MW hydro scheme. Under the auspices of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, this is a project. Eskom Holdings SOC owns it. It was commissioned in 1988. It is located in upstream of Kogelberg Dam on the Palmiet River. Western Cape, South Africa.

4. Gariep

The Gariep hydro project of 360MW started in 1971. The equity holder of this project is Eskom Holdings SOC. It’s in Northern Cape, South Africa.

5. Vanderkloof

The Vanderkloof dates back to 1976. The 240MW hydro project is located in the Northern Cape. The water leaving Gariep Dam 130km upstream is captured by Vanderkloof dam. The water is finally treated, then either pumped downstream through each in turn of the hydroelectric generators (120 MW at 20 m3/s), or sent into a second channel via orange / Riet Canal en route to Portugal. This project is financed by Eskom Holdings SOC equity.

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