Galan Lithium Limited Provides Updates On Its Hombre Muerto West Phase1 Project

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Updates on the progress of work on the Hombre Muerto West Phase1 lithium brine project were recently provided by Galan Lithium Limited. The company is hoping to see the project, which it fully owns, deliver lithium chloride production in H1, by 2025.

With an impressive 65% completion rate, it is said that construction of pond one is currently on track. Furthermore, already on track, liners as well as their installation is expected to commence late December of this year.

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Coinciding with the start of the process of evaporation over the summer, pond 1 filling is expected in the first quarter of 2024. Ponds 2 and 3 preparations, which involve the removal of topsoil, are in progress.

Also in good progress is the new camp’s development and the infrastructure. Additionally, the last modules are considerably in place too. Marking a huge milestone in the lithium brine project’s advancement, the technical due diligence of Glencore recently started officially. 

The HMW project was split into four phases of production according to the previously made announcement. As governed by the ratified permits regarding production, Hombre Muerto West Phase 1 DFS focused on 5.4ktpa LCE of a lithium chloride concentrate production by June 2025.

The second phase of the project is aimed at a 2026 production of 21 ktpa LCE of a lithium chloride concentrate. It will be closely followed by the third phase which involves the production of 40 ktpa LCE. This is slated to be delivered by 2028. A 60 ktpa LCE is the target for phase four of the project. This is also expected to be ready by 2030.

Lithium brine obtained from HMW as well as other projects that are fully owned by Galan in Argentina, will be included in phase four. 

When can we expect first production from the ongoing Hombre Muerto West Phase 1 project?

According to Juan Pablo (JP) Vargas de la Vega, Galan’s Managing Director, they are confident on the establishment of Phase 1 HMW. The company hope to see its first production in the summer of 2025. He confirmed that construction works on pond 1 are in good progress and in line with what they expected. 

A cohesive and a highly competent team has been assembled by Galan with the required expertise to construct the ponds. The team will also build the infrastructure needed to deliver the HMW project’s first production successfully.

The project’s authorization

In August 2023, construction permits to carry out the Hombre Muerto West Phase1 Project were granted to Galan Lithium Limited by the Argentine Mines Department Minister. The permit included the construction of ponds, an onsite laboratory, and a carbonate plant. Also in the permit was a camp as well as the necessary infrastructure needed for the project’s execution.