KenGen Receives Approval for Construction of 42.5MW Seven Forks Solar Project

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Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) has secured the approval that will enable the construction works on the 42.5MW Seven Forks Solar PV project. This solar project is among many others that are aimed at increasing the energy generation capacity of the company and maximizing profits for Kenya as a nation.

As stated by the KenGen managing, director and chief executive officer, Eng. Peter Njenga, they are now ready for the construction works as they wind up on the initial preparation works of the upcoming solar project.

Commencement Date of the 42.5MW Seven Forks Solar Project

This 42.5MW solar project is expected to kick off early next year, and has an aim of complementing the hydro power during the day when the sun intensity is usually quite higher, more so during the dry seasons.

“With this upcoming 42.5MW Seven Forks Solar Project, we shall be able to conserve water for generation of power mostly during the night,”Eng. Njenga stated.

He stated during the Good to Great Global Innovation Seminar that was held at the Tom Mboya Labor College in Kisumu on Tuesday.

“Our main role will be to facilitate economic development, by providing the energy that we need in order to power our growth and in the process, improve the living standards of Kenyans,” he added.

Other Similar Ongoing Projects

Currently, KenGen is working to upgrade the Gogo power station that is located at Migori County, from its current 2MW to 8.6MW at a cost of Ksh3 billion.

The plant is in accordance with the commitment of Kenya that seeks to achieve the implementation of clean energy and global climate action agenda. Moreover, he mentioned that the solar project will enable the expansion of energy sources and also improve the living standards of the surrounding local communities.

As a result of the ongoing rains, he stated, the water now is in plenty, therefore eventually leading into more electricity for Kenyans. Due to the ongoing heavy rains that are being experienced in the country, the massive hydropower dams in the Seven Forks have attained full capacity and all hold a combined water volume of over 2.6 billion cubic meters against a total flow from River Tana that is approximated to be at five billion cubic meters.

KenGen Comments on Turkwel Dam

In the western part of Kenya, KenGen has increased its hydro electricity generation capacity at Sondu and Sangoro power stations because of the increased rainfall that has been experienced in the region, likewise to Turkwel. He said Turkwel Dam is far from reaching its maximum capacity and there should be no cause for alarm to neighbouring residents.“The dam level is far from reaching the maximum level of 1,150 metres above sea level. We are at 1,136 metres,” Njenga said. Besides just generating power, KenGen has been playing a crucial role in the management of water resources at their various dams that are distributed countrywide, by effectively utilizing water while ensuring the mitigation of the downstream risks that may arise.

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