Kenyan Company Awarded Madagascar’s Multi-Billion Dollar Antananarivo-Toamasina Road Project

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A Kenyan-based company, Gabiere A Group (GAG) has been awarded a prestigious multi-billion dollar contract for the construction of Antananarivo-Toamasina Road Project road that is set to run from Antananarivo to Toamasina in Madagascar.

Speaking during the launching ceremony that was planned to commemorate the commencement of the road construction project, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of the Investments, Trade, and Industry docket in Kenya, Rebecca Miano, stated that this achievement clearly underscores the capacity of Kenya and its expertise in the realm of both infrastructure development and investment.

“The labor force of Kenya stands as the cornerstone of our country, and it is even recognized at the international level for its prowess and excellence. The Kenyan labor force is indeed a source of immense pride and serves as the bedrock of the Kenyan economy,” stated Rebecca Miano.

Length of the Antananarivo-Toamasina Road Project Road

The road shall cover a distance of 250 kilometers. As the very first toll highway in Madagascar, the road project is expected to significantly reduce the distance between the two points i.e. Antananarivo and Toamasina by an impressive 110 kilometers, eventually, reducing the time travel between the two points from nine hours to a remarkable merely three hours.

This road project indeed holds immense promise for Kenya as a nation, serving as a catalyst for trade by exporting the man power of Kenya in the construction and technology sector, and also attracting investment.

Significance of the Road Project

This key road project is expected to create employment opportunities in both Kenya and Madagascar therefore further driving forward economic growth in the African region. Additionally, this road project is expected to boost inter African trade.

“In light of this major achievement and many others, the Kenya Kwanza Government is indeed resolute in its promise and commitment to spearhead local firms like GAG that is located in Kenya, across the African region, and beyond by developing a conducive business environment in the region,” stated Rebecca Miano.

“Additionally, this road project has a great impact on the three interconnected regions of Kenya, Madagascar, and Africa in general. It is also a testament to the power of collaborative innovation, and determination in developing and molding Africa’s future by bolstering the infrastructural objectives of the African Union, such as the Trans-African Corridors,” CS Miano added.

CS Miano outlined that this road project not only represents a key milestone in the development of infrastructure in Africa but also it tends to reflect the capacity, capabilities, and commitment that the companies in Kenya can be able to contribute to both the growth and prosperity of the African region.

Generally, this upcoming road project is a clear indication on how the Kenya-Madagascar ties are getting stronger and therefore bringing benefit to the two sides. Upon completion, this road is expected to open up the African region by creating a channel that will enable the movement of goods, which is indeed a factor that is expected to bolster intercontinental trade.

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