Kenyan Government Issues a Greenlight on the Implementation of a Multimillion Facelift Project on One of Africa’s Largest Airports

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 The Kenyan government has issued a green light to implement a multimillion facelift project at one of Africa’s largest airports. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is set to undergo a major facelift with the addition of a terminal that will handle 20 million travelers annually. The expansion is part of the Airport’s Medium Term Investment Plan, spanning over three years. The plan seeks to increase capacity, service standards, and competitiveness in the global field. Furthermore, the plan also aims to expand runways and aircraft parking to allow for efficient landing and take-off. This is expected to reduce congestion and safety issues. Notably, parking bays are expected to expand from the current nine to 21 bays by 2040. Moreover, cargo throughput in the period projected is expected to reach 741,000 tonnes. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport seeks to get ahead of the situation by implementing the project.

The Significance of the Facelift Project on One of Africa’s Largest Airports

The significance of the facelift project on one of Africa’s largest airports is magnanimous, especially under the current circumstances. The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is facing a lot of pressure, being the main airport in Kenya’s capital. The facelift project will ensure that more space is allocated to accommodate passengers. Furthermore, once completed, the facelift project will enable the country’s main airline, Kenya Airways, to increase its destinations. Transport Principal Secretary Mohamed Daghar expressed the importance of expanding airline destinations. “We are not only enhancing travel between Kenya and Mozambique but also opening new avenues for tourism, business and cultural exchange,” said Daghar. He also highlighted the importance of the aviation market to the country’s economic development and the expected growth in 2050. “The traffic is forecasted to grow by 4.0 per cent annually and, in turn, bring in 42.1 million passengers by 2050,” he added. JKIA Announces Opening of Ultra-Modern Lounge With State of Art Facilities

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The State of Affairs Regarding the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Apart from being one of Africa’s largest airports, the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is currently the largest in East and Central Africa. The airport, which controls 80 per cent of network passengers and 90 per cent of cargo businesses, has design capacities to process 35 aircrafts per hour. In addition, Kenya’s strategic location at the crossroads of Africa has made the state a natural gateway into the continent, receiving over 8 million passengers per annum. In early February, JKIA’s airport general manager, Selina Gor, hinted at plans to launch a special terminal. The terminal would be available to cater to VIPs such as the chief executive officers of global corporations. Furthermore, Gor mentioned plans to dedicate a floor in the special terminal solely to hosting premium clientele lounges. The Cabinet on 12th June approved the National Aviation Policy, which seeks to maximize the aviation sector’s contribution to Kenya’s growth.Jomo Kenyatta International Airport | Largest Airport in EastAfrica

Other Significant Airline Projects that are in Consideration

Apart from the facelift project on one of the largest airports in Africa, the Kenyan government has other plans in sight. The President, leveraging his visit to the capital of the US, Washington DC, acquired funds for the upcoming New Nairobi Airport project. The project is set to help the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, attract more international passengers to places like the US and the United Kingdom (UK). Additionally, the Middle East is also on its list. The ambitious plans to construct the New Nairobi Airport come as Kenya strives to be a crucial regional aviation hub.

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