Lanao Del Sur Advances Agricultural Connectivity With New P182 Million Trading Center.

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The Lanao del Sur provincial government has commenced the construction of a new P182 million ($3.2 billion) trading center for agricultural products. Additionally, these products will be from across the province and will accelerate the connection between the local traders the entrepreneurs, and their counterparts outside the province.

Governor Alonto stated that he and his campaign officials must collaborate to oversee the operation once they complete the mall. Mamintala Adiong Jr. will locate his office in the fully constructed mall built in his community.

Financing Of The New P182 Million Trading Center in The Philippines.

The new trading center will be financed with a loan from the Land Bank of the Philippines. The construction of the large permanent commercial facility will be in the strategic area of the municipality of Marantao.

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Alonto continued to state how much the completed New P182 million trading center would value. Furthermore, he also appreciated the state authorities for partaking in this project. Alonto stated how his project would have a positive impact on the city’s trade and the province’s economy.

Adiong, the president of the Lanao del Sur Provincial Peace and Order Council, stated the major objective is establishing a major agricultural and fisheries products trading center in Marantao. Specifically, the trading center will integrate the social and economic objectives. The main one is to separate the Malacañang peace process from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and The Moro National Liberation Front.

Adiong said that many farmers in Lanao del Sur’s 39 towns were members of the MILF or MNLF. Additionally, he stated that they were now quietly thriving as farmers. After the peace accords between the two fronts and the national government, they demoted him. About 70% of the population of Lanao del Sur earn their living primarily from growing short-term crops. Examples include rice and corn. Agriculture and fishing traders from Iligan City and surrounding towns in Lanao del Notre now expect an easier connection with their contacts in Lanao del Sur. This will be possible as they will gather at a facility currently under construction in Marantao.

Officials from the Ministries of Trade, Industry, and Agriculture of the BARMM were also present. They stated that they are ready to assist local traders expected to benefit from the new P182 Million Trading Center. We will accomplish this by implementing necessary interventions to ensure the marketing of farmers’ products in Lanao communities.