Meriaura Energy Clinches Agreement for Solar Thermal facility in Lübeck, Germany

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Meriaura Energy Ltd has made a significant step forward by signing the signification agreement contract with Stadtwerke Lübeck Energie to construct Solar Thermal facility in Lübeck  which is the leading move on renewable energy development in Germany.

Meriaura Energy Ltd causes a revolution in the solar thermal power industry. The world’s most highly efficient energy supply is offered by us, coupled with the lowest energy cost. Our solar thermal collectors are in fact the most efficient in the world that have been designed for large scale systems; they have been thought up by a Finnish group of entrepreneurs and engineers whose coating professional expertise have been directed to making a difference by offering the world cleaner and better energy alternatives.

Construction cost

The contract, which is close to EUR 5 million, is, in the same way, an evidence of Meriaura Energy’s tri eye towards the greener energy methods.

This contracts main goal is to build a specialized facility which combines the solar thermal plant and all the necessities for its operation in the city of Lübeck, Germany. In this project a solar thermal field, with 12000 sq. m, working with a thermal storage system which is a type of energy storage that allows the heat to be supplied to the district heating network. The same infrastructural intervention efforts promise to boost green economy through enabling the growth of the renewable energy sector as well as enhancing the prevailing environmental sustainability and resistance to climate changes.

Kirsi Suopelto, the CEO of Meriaura Group Plc, made an impression with these words, by venerating the contract as merely the consequence of the firm’s steady actions in Germany. Suopelto underlined that this deal contributed significantly to the transfer of a reliable confidence climate in central Europe, which has the effect of supporting the region’s energy transition. Last but not the least, the station manager expressed her thanks words to both the customer and all the wonderful and committed people at Meriaura Energy for choosing the realization of sustainable energy solutions.

Completion date

This project starts on the occasion of obtaining a building permit by the customer; construction of the solar plant will immediately follow the issue of this document. By the scheduled date of early 2025, this initiative turns the face of constantly working forward to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy sources.

The role of this contract in the Mekong Delta is not limited to monetary and infrastructural impacts. It is also a symbol of the assets that the region embodies. It is a physical step towards such green future – green future featuring increased sustainability with reduced emission of carbon and more importance on energy from renewable resources. Besides many other things, it is the very purpose of Meriaura Energy to demonstrate how to contribute to the environment in a positive way by this kind of projects which may work in achieving the struggle to stop climatic change.


Taken by itself, such a contract indicates more than just the transactional way of doing business as this represents collective responsibility towards environmental stewardship and the condition of the world, where green matters. With the renewable energy missions that Meriaura Energy is going forward with, it is coming up with clear footings and the future world which is based on pure energy will no longer be an aspiration but the foundation of global infrastructure.

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