$90 Million Terminal-A expansion Underway at MYR, SC

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After five years of planning and delays, the long-awaited Terminal-A expansion at Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) is officially in the works.

Myrtle Beach and Horry County officials, along with other stakeholders, gathered at the Airport on Wednesday for the groundbreaking ceremony of the Terminal-A expansion.

Officials have worked on the project since 2018, but COVID-19 delayed it.

Exciting times are ahead for travelers at the Myrtle Beach International Airport! Officials have unveiled plans for a massive $90 million terminal expansion that will truly transform the travel experience. Imagine an additional 50,000 square feet of space, complete with six brand-new gates ready to welcome three new airlines to the airport’s roster. No more cramped waiting areas or limited flight options! The expanded terminal will offer increased gate capacity, ensuring smoother operations and fewer delays. But the improvements don’t stop there – the facilities themselves will receive a much-needed facelift, providing a modern and comfortable environment for passengers. And let’s not forget about the tantalizing new concession stands that will pop up, offering a variety of delicious dining options and last-minute shopping opportunities to make your time at the airport truly enjoyable.

“We are not just expanding our physical space but enhancing the entire airport experience,” Olmstead said at a June 5 news conference in Terminal A. “Today marks a significant milestone in our journey towards providing a world class airport experience.”

MYR Terminal-A expansion project is expected to be completed by December 2025.

The expansion will also upgrade walkways and common areas, but officials said the construction will not impact current operations. An estimate suggests that over 3 million people travel through MYR each year.

“We expect about a 3% growth each year going forward,” said Judi Olmstead, Director of Airports at MYR. “Very conservatively, we did realize a very big growth in 2021 following the pandemic. We recovered as one of the fastest-recovering airports in America. So we did reap those benefits and hope to continue that trend.”

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Who is funding MYR’s Terminal-A expansion

MYR’s terminal-A expansion project is fully funded through federal and state money.

“We really do want to just meet the needs of the county. We are very cognizant of the growth here and we have the proven statistics that show that we need to meet the needs of our community and our guests,” Olmstead said. “So, I think these six gates are just enough for now and we’re always looking forward to the future.”

As the city of Myrtle Beach grows, Mayor Brenda Bethune welcomes new tourists and those moving to the beach. “What I love about this airport is not only the great partnership that we have with our friends in Horry County, but the fact that this is the first impression that millions of our visitors have when they come to visit us and what a great first impression it is,” Bethune said.

The city’s growth fuels economic expansion. Gary Siegfried, the executive director of the S.C. Aeronautics Commission, said that the MYR terminal-A expansion will create new jobs throughout the facility. He added that this, in turn, will draw more airlines, routes, flight options, and competitive fares to the area.

“Those jobs are going to cross all sectors, not just construction but engineering and architecture, project management, project administration and these jobs are going to ripple through the economy,” Siegfried said. “They’re going to put money into this city, money into this county and everybody in Myrtle Beach is going to feel the impacts.”

As tourists flow in and out of Myrtle Beach, Siegfried said they will spread the word about how great the airport is, and he hopes they’ll return for years to come. He stated, “It’s safe to say that Myrtle Beach is back, way back.”

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