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Plans encompassing the Gigafactory Mexico were recently laid out by the Nuevo León Government, and some areas around.

According to the Nuevo León Government, work on the entrances and exits of Gigafactory Mexico are currently underway. These works are being carried out in the St. Catarina’s municipality, along the Monterrey-Saltillo Highway.

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General cleaning, topography as well as land leveling, are just a few of the construction prep work that are currently being undertaken on the project’s site. 

Surveys on the foundation along with load capacity of the site are also among other preliminary works that have also kicked off.

It is said that Giga Mexico’s layout is still under planning, while also determining the entrances to the site. Giga Mexico’s structural design will be based on the outcomes of the surveys being carried out. 

It is likely that Tesla will focus on carrying out the main tasks for the Giga Mexico soon after the release of the outcome of engineering studies as well as surveys. 

The project’s scope of work

Construction of a vehicular bridge, building and installing access ramps, and the expansion of the third lane on the Monterey-Saltillo free highway, is included in the main tasks of the project.

The permits to execute the Tesla Giga Mexico project were quickly approved. There are anticipations that construction work on the gigafactory could be undertaken in a swift manner.  

Dedicated support has been demonstrated by the Government of Nuevo León, towards Tesla and the construction of Giga Mexico.

Approved incentive for Gigafactory Mexico

A $153 million incentive for Giga Mexico was recently approved by the government of Nuevo León. Just like the local government, Tesla, also seems to be moving swiftly. The company published a new vacant position for the procurement manager for Giga Mexico, soon after being awarded a construction permit.

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