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Samsung Electronics began construction on the TV manufacturing plant in 2014 and completed it later in the same year. The US$20 million plant is located in Dube Tradeport, South Africa.

In 2018, it reported that due to the factory’s success in creating jobs and giving back to the local economy and community, it would be expanding its operations to export products into the rest of the SADC region. It was also reported that the plant manufactures 5,000 units per day, including monitors. The TVs manufactured are exported to SADC regions, and to East and West Africa.

Reported in July 2014

Samsung Electronics to Construct a US $20m Manufacturing Firm in South Africa

Samsung Electronics recently noted that it will be constructing its African manufacturing firm worth US $20m in Dube Tradeport, South Africa. Construction of the new TV plant will begin later in the year and the investment will go up to 2018.

The firm will cater to the rising demands of Samsung goods in the continent and help save on cost logistics, while at the same time solidifying the company’s leadership in Electronics manufacturing.

Dube Tradeport was chosen for the firm because of its location adjacent to the harbor in Durban. It is also key to the economy of the nation due to the fact that it is attracting foreign capital.

According to Lionel October the Director-General of the Department of Trade and Industry in South Africa, the talks between the company and his office had taken over a year and now they would come to place. He also noted that the company would manufacture household goods and other appliances but once it is fully established, high-end technology gadgets will also be made.

In addition, the Government of South Africa assured the company of tax incentives, a cut in tariffs, and different support to the company where need be.

South Africa’s emergence as Africa’s new manufacturing hub for South Korea will soon replace China and Vietnam.

The first African TV plant was constructed in Egypt and it cost $100m. The presence of the new firm in Africa is expected to generate up to US $10bn in the next year.