Saudi Arabia’s NEOM Speeds Into the Future With the Construction of the World’s Fastest Train : The Spine

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Saudi Arabia’s NEOM advances into the future of construction with its plans to construct the world’s fastest train, The Spine. This is one of the projects that the Kingdom seeks to implement in the northwest of Saudi Arabia to pave a new way of life. The construction of the world’s fastest train line aims to serve The Line. Dubbed the Spine, it is a marvel that when ready, will run the length of the 170-kilometer, The Line. It will cover a large expanse from the Red Sea coast inland towards Tabuk.

The aim of the train tracks is to facilitate covering the distance of the linear mega city in just 20 minutes from one end to another. On the basis of these numbers, the high-speed rail will stay true to its name and mesmerize residents. The railway line will be able to accommodate trains waltzing at a speed of 510km/h. It is expected that nearly 9 million residents and visitors will rely on the Spine to travel from one end to the other. It name serves its purpose as per its reliance, it will be the backbone for that facilitates numerous activities in The Line.

The Significance of the World’s Fastest Train Line in NEOM’s The Line

In comparison to some of the fastest trains across the world, the Spine will be the world’s fastest train. It literally races ahead of the rest when compared to Shanghai’s Maglev, which is currently the world’s first high-speed magnetic levitation line. It boasts a maximum operation speed of 450km/h and runs a 19-mile track. The Spine will be much faster and will be able to zoom residents and visitors alike across the linear mega city.World's Fastest Train: The Line

This proves that the Spine rail is indeed a spectacle and will be one of NEOM city’s most spectacular features. The aim of the project is to connect the high-speed railway called the Connector, running along the Red Sea Coast. Once completed, the two high-speed railway tracks will connect the port city of Oxagon and the Line. Oxagon is expected to become the world’s largest floating structure. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has allocated $1.5 billion to implement the Connector and link it with the Spine.

The Spine Takes Shape as Construction Commences Underground

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM is shifting gears from ideas and captivating graphics to actionable and tangible proof. The construction of the world’s fastest train is taking shape based on the latest revelation from NEOM’s X account. The images show the progress made by the contracted companies on the Spine. According to the information shared, the contracted firms have already commenced and completed 25% work on one of the tunnels. This is in anticipation that some of the 170 kilometers that the Spine will cover will be underground. Furthermore, the space will be utilized by other high-speed trains, freight trains, and even transport vehicles. It will also be immensely fundamental in linking the Line and the industrial port, Oxagon. Work is already ongoing in full swing inside the tunnel. It creates an otherworldly atmosphere complete with trucks, diggers, etc.

The State of the Region in Regards to Implementing The Spine.

World's Fastest Train: The SpineThis sneak peek into the tunnel follows news of NEOM officials taking elite bankers in swish private jets so they can witness the Line firsthand. They were also able to view the scale and development pace of the world’s fastest train, the Spine. They even arranged for more than 100 construction companies to visit Neom City to understand firsthand the development. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is impressed with the progress so far and hopes that it will flourish. It has also set aside funds that will facilitate in its construction, including the world’s fastest train, the Spine.

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