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SEGRO V-Park Grand Union is a planned multi-storey industrial development in the London Borough of Brent. Warehouse developer SEGRO is teaming up with Berkeley Group house builder St George to to develop SEGRO V-Park Grand Union. It will be their first urban multi-storey industrial development in England.The six-storey development will be plugged into St George’s Grand Union major mixed-tenure community in Brent, North West London.

The first 135,000 sq ft structure starts in a new theory for delivering multi-storey light industrial property in the urban backdrop. This conforms with plans from the Greater London Authority’s new London to intensify industrial land, offering jobs and homes as part of the regeneration of a broader brownfield site.The first and ground floors of SEGRO V-Park Grand Union’s will be set aside to offer over 100 parking spaces, developed with electric vehicle charging points.

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The new mixed-tenure.

The flexible industrial area is organised over four upper levels that will be configured as almost 20 individual units of different sizes. The development will include sustainability attributes such as internal green wall and photovoltaic cells. Construction is expected to start next Summer at the former derelict Northfields 22-acre Industrial Estate. The estate will be transformed into a new mixed-tenure neighbourhood in Alperton with 35% of 3,350 homes being affordable. SEGRO V-Park Grand Union will offer 10.2 acres of publicly accessible landscaped gardens, health care centres, net biodiversity gain of 240%, community area, local supermarket and a range of onsite amenities.

The SEGRO Greater London Managing Director, Alan Holland, said: “SEGRO V-Park Grand Union is a new model to offer the needed light industrial space as one of mixed-use communities. “We are great promoters of multi-storey warehousing in some urban areas given the pressure on land supply and the urge to have space that promotes different types of employment. “We have effectively created multi-storey logistics at scale in Paris and now have the chance at Grand Union to adapt this format for a smaller urban area.