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The Diamniadio CIty Project strives to unclog the capital, Dakar in Senegal. Its location is 30 kilometers southwest of the city. Furthermore, it is 15 minutes from the Blaise Diagne International Airport. Quite impressively, it spans over 25 hectares and, aims to host 300,000 people. In the long run, it aims to expand its capacity to about one million inhabitants.

For the project, several consortiums play a major role in its development. These include Doozy Gulf Group, Senegindia as well as Teylion. Alongside the Swaminarayan Vijay Carry Trade and Garasiya Farm and Alliances and Medina Invest. The African Development Bank (AfDB) funded the project, with a total of 70.6 million euros.

Furthermore, in December 2022, AfDB provided additional financing of €5.01 million for the project. According to official reports from the bank, the project is 80% complete.

Reported On 19 Oct 2015

Senegal set to construct a digital city at the cost of US$120m

Senegal plans to begin construction of a digital city by June this year. Approximately, the project will cost US$120 million, of which $ 100 million funding will be by the Africa Development Bank (AFDB).

Currently, negotiations between the Africa Development Bank and the government are underway for the city construction project – dubbed Diamniadio Valley – to start mid-this year.

The prospective studies of the project have already got approval. However, the partnership agreement with the Bank after the negotiation process ends in about one or two month’s time for the construction to commence will be signed later,’’ said Senegal’s post and Telecom minister Yaya A. Kane.

He noted the government’s commitment towards the project’s start within the first half of this year. The construction of Diamniadio valley city will be on a 25 x 150 hectares piece of land. Senegal was ranked position 12 in Africa by the 2014 ITU index for countries with the most developed ICT infrastructure in Africa.

It is also considered one of the top-notch Africa’s hugest spenders of ICT. The country will now have time to prove to the rest of the other African countries, and the world at large, of their undoubted capacity to remain one of the African giants in ICT.

The Diamniadio valley city construction project will, without doubt, attract many investors from all over the world. More especially, with an interest in investing in West African countries.

The post and telecom minister revealed that, already, an Asian delegation from the KT Corporation formerly Korean Telecom which is based in Seongnam, South Korea has held talks with the Senegal government officials in Dakar concerning the digital city project.

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