The North-South Expressway in Vietnam Begins Final Link to China

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The North-South Expressway in Vietnam finally began construction on the $433 million Huu Nghi-Chi Lang section of the $59 bn expressway.

This move marks the final stage of this mega project. The North-South Expressway East is a network of highways traversing the entire country of Vietnam from north to south. The project aims to boost the socio-economic development of four major economic zones in Vietnam: the north, south, central, and Mekong Delta Regions.

The Huu Nghi-Chi Lang Section will mark Vietnam’s Link to China

The Huu Nghi-Chi Lang section is a 43-kilometer road extending from the Chi Lang district to the border town Dong Dang near the Chinese border. Just across the road will be the friendship border gate, a boundary between the two countries of Vietnam and China.

The section started its construction this April 2024 with a target completion date of 2026. This expressway will traverse across major urban areas in the country. There will be have four-lane roads for the mountainous regions, and up to ten-lane roads in major cities.

With the North-South Expressway in Vietnam, there is a great expectation that trade and tourism in Vietnam will improve. Acting as an artery for the country, this mega expressway will facilitate a smoother transportation of goods and services and boost economic activities in the region. The project will also significantly reduce travel time between major economic zones, enhancing productivity and growth in the country.

According to the Secretary of the Lang Son Provincial Party Committee, Nguyen Quoc Doan, the Huu Nghi-Chi Lang section would drive the development of the Dong Dang border, further boosting several industries like tourism, transportation, and trade.

This project is a public-private partnership of the Vietnamese government and the Ho Chi Minh-based, Deoca Group, funding 45% and 55% of the project.

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North-South Expressway the “Backbone” of Vietnam

Construction in the North-South expressway began in 2019. This 2,063 km mega expressway project stretches from the Huu Nghi border gate in the northernmost province of Lang Son to the southernmost province, Ca Mau City. There are three major sections in the North-South Expressway and 38 subdivided sections. It covers 32 localities and several vital economic zones from Lang Son to Ca Mau.

Last April, a groundbreaking ceremony at Lang Son was held for the Huu Nghi-Chi Lang section. Vietnam Prime Minster Pham Minh was in attendance. During the ceremony, the Prime Minister stated that the North-South expressway aligns with Vietnam’s transport development strategy for 2030. This route will not just boost the economic link between Vietnam and China but as well as other ASEAN countries and China as well.

As the North-South expressway connects a vast majority of the country, it will link together 16 airports, seaports, and as much as 75% of economic zones. It is expected that this project will enhance the transportation system of Vietnam by 62%.

As the North-South expressway nears its completion, several sections have already been up for public use. Now anticipation is high for Vietnam’s express link to China.

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