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The Solar Deployment Project in Angola features the development of home power kits and solar mini-grids. Moreover, it includes the development of solar-to-power telecommunications.

Last year, the United States Government facilitated a partnership between the Government of Angola, and AfricaGlobal Schaffer, a US-based project development firm. Furthermore, the partnership also includes Sun Africa, a renewable energy solutions provider.

For the Solar Deployment Project in Angola, the US Government mobilized a total of $2 billion. While speaking about the project, Joe Biden, the US president said the partnership for global infrastructure is essential.

By 2025, the project aims to have complete development works. The project will help Angola meet its energy as well as climate goals. In addition to creating new opportunities for workers. Lastly, the project strives to open new markets for American technologies.

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Reported On 3 March 2015

Angola to implement a rural solar electrification project by 2025

Angola is set to implement rural solar energy electrification by 2025 which will benefit several rural areas of the country. According to Angola’s minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borgesthe the solar energy deployment project will be key and will add power supply in rural areas.

Solar energy projects will benefit many people, as well as schools and other institutions. The minister said it will benefit the country’s current electrification process since it was cheap, fast, and effective.

“Several studies are being conducted under the electrification of communal centers in all provinces so as to enable them to be electrified,” said an official in a last month’s Photovoltaic Solar Energy for Rural Electrification workshop.

“Angola is a tropical country where the sun appears during the year, so we should take more and better advantage of this natural resource”, said the minister. Added João Baptista Borges

He also added that the Ministry of Energy and Water is considering the use of solar energy systems, both in training technicians and materialization of programs such as “Solar Village”.

Recently, the Minister announced that the country would benefit from Namibia’s power supply.