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In 2018, the development works of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (Tazara) Flyover were completed. The flyover is currently in use and is a great relief to motorists. The Government of Japan, funded the project, through the Japan International Co-operation Agency (Jica). Thereafter, its construction began with a total cost of about $45 million. As a whole, the project strives to eventually reduce traffic by 80%. It features four lanes alongside a 425-meter bridge. Moreover, its construction is right at the junction of the busy Mandela Expressway and the Julius Nyerere Road in the commercial capital. tazara Reported On 12 Oct 2015

The third phase of the Tazara flyover project is to commence this May

The third phase of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) flyover will cost US$ 14m. It will officially commence work in May this year. This was by confirmation by the  Tanzanian Minister for Works, Dr. John Magufuli in a parliamentary session this week. The flyover will be built on the Mandela/Nyerere road junction. The same contractors will also be undertaking the Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road. It is right between Morocco and Mwenge and Kamata-Bendera Tatu road. The agreement signing was by the Tanzanian Government and Japan. Its intention is to decongest the capital city. The total amount of the construction project now stands at US$ 42m. Dr. Magufuli further said that the project will significantly decongest the city. However, the flyover will also serve to improve and upgrade the road transport sector in Dar es Salaam and its environs. For so long now, Dar es Salaam has been overwhelmed. More so, too much congestion has been leading to a traffic nightmare for city residents and travelers. Upon completion, the flyover will assist them big time. The government will also undertake the construction of the Ubungo junction according to the minister. Engineering design and preparation of tender documents have already been completed. Late last year, the country made an announcement that it would construct a flyover over Coco Beach along Toure Drive, to connect to Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road.  Reported On 28 July 2016

Construction of Tanzania’s Tazara Flyover starts in October

Construction of a Tazara flyover will begin in early October. Resident Engineer from Oriental Consultants Global, Kiyokazu Tsuji, said the preparation for diversion roads is ongoing. The flyover strives to reduce the rising number of accidents in the area. “The construction of the flyover will begin in October and we will ensure that it’s complete within schedule to avoid inconveniences, ” he said. The Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) flyover has had funding from the Japanese government through JICA and will cost US$45m upon completion. The Project Manager, Nobuhiko Maruni from Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Company Ltd, said that his company needs a good plan to implement such a big project. “This is the big bridge to be built along traffic. Thus, it needs a good work plan to ensure that it is complete as per the contractual period,” he said. He, observed that the project had six Japanese, nine Philippines, and 50 Tanzanians, noting that more Tanzanians will receive employment when the construction of the flyover begins.
Reducing Congestion In Dar-Es-Salaam 
Early this year Tanzanian President John Magufuli laid the foundation stone for the construction of the Tazara flyover. He said that it is one of the many massive projects that are ongoing. As a whole, it aims to reduce congestion in the city of Dar es Salaam. Tanzania National Roads Agency says the four lanes Tazara flyover will reduce 80 percent of the time spent traveling from the airport to the city center. The construction of the flyover will take about 35 months. It will include the construction of a 425 meters bridge. Reported On 8 Nov 2017

Construction on course for Tazara Flyover in Tanzania

Construction work is underway for the much-awaited Tazara flyover in Tanzania by the junction of the Nelson Mandela Expressway and Nyerere Road in Dar es Salaam. The project is at 45.3% Inspecting the project site for the second time this year, Works, Transport and Communications Minister, Prof Makame Mbarawa, had shown gratitude on seeing that the project is progressing well and it is in line with the target of 45.4% as in the timeframe. Prof. Mbarawa further said that the progress is an important milestone in the timely completion of the project by end of October 2018. “When I visited the site in February, this year, the construction work was at 25 percent and up to this juncture another 20% has also been complete,” said Prof. Mbarawa. “The contractor has done a commendable job from the quality of the set-up structures and seeing through that there are no accidents recorded,” he said. However, the contractors are urged to speed up in order to reduce the duration of the project.
Significant Changes
On completion, the flyover will offset the prevailing costs and time caused by current traffic jams experienced by road users and in turn increase productivity, which means a boost to the country’s economy. “Our construction company Sumitomo Mitsui in collaboration with JICA and the Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) is going to work as scheduled and finish this work perfectly,” said Masaharu Yoshida, Japanese Ambassador to Tanzania. Ambassador Yoshida also assured the Minister of the timely completion of the project while observing the set international standards as per the agreement Besides, the implementation of the project has not experienced accidents, an extraordinary observation. The project’s funding is by the Japanese government through grant aid. In addition to partly the government of Tanzania funding. As an estimate, it will cost about US$965.9m upon completion. Reported On 30 Aug 2018

Construction of Tazara Flyover in Dar es Salaam 98% Complete

The construction of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (Tazara) flyover in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is now 98% complete, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said. The flyover project’s funding is by the government of Japan through its Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica). Its inauguration will be by  President John Magufuli in October this year. Speaking during a tour of the construction site at the junction between Mandela Expressway and Julius Nyerere Road in Dar es Salaam, the Prime Minister said the work that has been done so far is impressive. “The project is progressing well and upon completion, it will ease traffic for those who will be going to the airport and nearby areas from the city center,” he said.
Ease traffic and boost the economy
Construction of the flyover commenced in October 2016 at an estimated cost of US $965.9m upon completion. The road consists of four lanes and includes a 425-meter bridge. Majaliwa also said that the current government plans to construct other seven flyovers in the city. Further reiterating the government’s commitment to addressing traffic congestion. “The construction of the Tazara flyover has considered the need for a Rapid bus transit project to Gongo la Mboto from the city center.  Reported On 27 Sept 2018

Tanzania’s president to inaugurate US $45m Tazara Flyover

Tanzania’s President, John Mafuguli will inaugurate the Tazara Flyover, 12 days since the overpass has been open for use. According to Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Mr. Paul Makonda, all is ready for the official inauguration of the US $45m facility. “We call on Dar es Salaam residents to be at the Tazara junction on inauguration day, so they can witness the launch of the historic infrastructure project in Tanzania’s history,” he said.
Addressing traffic congestion
Last month Prime Minister Kassimu Majaliwa visited the site where he said the current government’s plan was to construct seven other flyovers in the city. Further reiterating the government’s commitment to addressing traffic congestion. The number includes the Ubungo interchange. Its development is a part of the World Bank’s IDA US $225m loan for the Dar es Salaam Urban Transport Improvement Project. The road will potentially reduce traffic by up to 80%. in addition to reducing numerous accidents, consists of four lanes, and includes a 425-meter bridge. It will also increase productivity thus, boosting the country’s economy. 
Construction of the flyover commenced in October 2016. The project was fully funded by the Government of Japan through its Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).