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Excitement is building in Oklahoma City as the OKANA Resort & Indoor Waterpark continues to rise from the ground, promising a splash of adventure come 2025. This isn’t just another construction project – it’s a dream taking shape, brick by brick, slide by thrilling slide.

Driving past and witnessing the changing skyline is truly breathtaking. The Chickasaw Nation alongside a group of thinking collaborators is not investing $400 million but also their dreams and ambitions, into this endeavor. It goes beyond pouring money into buildings; it’s about shaping the future of OKC offering opportunities, for employment attracting tourists and creating an abundance of enjoyment.

As cranes dance across the sky and workers buzz about like bees, each day brings new progress. The waterpark’s massive structure is starting to emerge, hinting at the aquatic wonders that will soon delight visitors. Meanwhile, the hotel is rising floor by floor, each level a promise of future memories to be made.

This isn’t just a construction update – it’s a sneak peek into Oklahoma City’s exciting future. So next time you pass by, take a moment to marvel at the progress. After all, you’re watching history in the making, one splash at a time!

Construction progress of OKANA Resort & Indoor Waterpark: Hotel

Construction crews at OKANA Resort & Indoor Waterpark have made significant progress on the 11-story hotel, featuring 404 rooms and over 100 suites. They have completed the roof, and finished most of the exterior skin. Workers are nearing completion of the first-floor exterior glass system. The service elevator is operational, with both passenger elevators seeing significant progress. Crews have nearly completed the second-floor guest rooms, with first-floor rooms closely following. construction on the entrance canopy and valet drop-off area progresses well, with roofing nearing completion. Recently installed signage, visible from I-40, features ten large aluminum letters illuminated by LED lights, highlighting OKANA’s connection to Oklahoma’s past and future.

OKANA sign installation at the hotel. Workers comprised each of the ten (10) letters (five on each side of the hotel) of a lightweight aluminum cabinet with a flexible vinyl front printed digitally to match the OKANA brand colors. They affixed each cabinet to an aluminum mounting frame attached directly to the hotel’s exterior. Each letter will illuminate with approximately 1500 watts of white LED lights when fully lit. The installation crew created the first two letters ‘OK’ in the signage using the same color palette to emphasize the connection to Oklahoma’s past and future.

Construction progress of OKANA Resort & Indoor Waterpark: Family Entertainment Center

Adjacent to the hotel, progress on the Family Entertainment Center, which will offer interactive arcade games, continues well. Crews have almost completed the roof, and finished half of the exterior skin. They have completed the skylight installation, and also interior wall framing and drywall in key areas. Tile installation in the restrooms and kitchen is underway.

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Indoor Water Park progress

Construction on the indoor water park, a key feature of the resort, spanning 100,000 square feet over two levels and including a wave pool, lazy river, and various slides, nears completion of the roof and exterior skin. Workers have finished the exterior curtain wall progress and the ETFE skylight installation. They have poured concrete for the wave pool and the kids’ pool, installed slides, and nearly completed the lazy river. Crews have put in place foundations, towers, and also slides for the Water Coaster and Ride House, with ongoing work on the pool deck, piping, equipment, and systems.

In November 2023, Governor Bill Anoatubby of the Chickasaw Nation along, with Mayor David Holt of Oklahoma City and other prominent figures gathered for a out event. This ceremony celebrated an achievement in the construction of the OKANA Resort & Indoor Waterpark emphasizing its growing significance, within the community.

OKANA Resort & Indoor Waterpark, adjacent to the First Americans Museum (FAM), undoubtedly will create a unique destination for tourists. The FAM celebrates Native and Indigenous history and culture, and its proximity to the OKANA Resort enhances the area’s cultural significance. “We believe OKANA will become a destination resort with a significant positive economic and cultural impact in this city and region. This new resort helps showcase our thriving culture,” Anoatubby said at the topping-out ceremony.

United for Oklahoma, an organization monitoring the economic landscape, projects that the OKANA Resort will have a billion-dollar impact on Oklahoma City within a decade. The resort is expected to generate approximately 800 full-time jobs within its first decade, significantly boosting the local job market.

Additionally; As construction progresses, the OKANA Resort & Indoor Water Park, in conjunction with the FAM, promises to create a global attraction spotlighting the rich and diverse cultures of Native and Indigenous communities.

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