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Waaree Energies, India’s top solar panel maker, has announced its plans to construct a US$1 billion solar panel factory in Texas. The company stated that this investment will take advantage of soaring U.S. demand for clean energy. Furthermore, the solar panel maker said that by 2027 its planned Brookshire, Texas facility will be one of the largest solar factories in the U.S. The Houston-based factory will create more than 1,500 jobs, it said. Waaree also aims to add a solar cell facility by 2025.

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The Waaree Energies factory capacity

It will have an annual capacity of 3 gigawatts (GW) of panels when it opens in late 2024. It will then expand to 5 GW by 2027.Waaree already has a presence in the US solar power market. So far it has supplied over 4 GW of modules from its current Indian facility to the US. The company has a long-term supply agreement with SB Energy, a US-based climate infrastructure and technology platform with over 2 GW of solar power capacity. Additionally, 1 GW in construction, and another over 15 GW of solar and storage in development across the US. The company has so far commissioned over 1 GW of solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects. Along with being an independent power producer, Waaree also has a presence in solar water pumping and solar rooftop space solutions.

Production and supply in the country

The company will initially supply the Texas panel factory with its Indian-made cells. The company has 12 GW of manufacturing capacity in India stretched across four factories. Rathi told Solar Power World that Waaree is gradually switching over to TOPCon designs. Additionally, it will have 4 GW of TOPCon cell manufacturing capacity in India later next year. Hitesh Doshi, Chairman, and Managing Director of Waaree, expressed pride in the company’s commitment to U.S. domestic solar manufacturing, highlighting the collaboration with SB Energy as a key enabler of a burgeoning solar manufacturing ecosystem in Texas.

The Elin Energy solar panel factory

Not too far from where the facility will be, another solar panel factory has been planned by Elin Energy. Just one mile away, a 2 GW state-of-the-art facility will be constructed in the Twinwood Business Park. The 200,000-square-foot facility will utilize technology that sets it apart in the solar energy industry. It will use use of advanced automated production lines, and precision engineering. Further, meticulous quality control ensures that every solar panel leaving the factory is of the highest quality and efficiency. This commitment to excellence not only produces top-tier solar panels but also provides opportunities for local residents to acquire advanced skills and knowledge.

Turkey's Elin Energy opens first US facility in Waller County - Houston  Business Journal

According to the Waller County Economic Development Partnership, the new advanced manufacturing facility will open in the first quarter of 2024 and employ about 100 people. The strategic location in the heart of Texas makes it an ideal choice for Elin Energy’s solar panel factory. Situated in the renewable energy-rich region of the country, both factories enjoy proximity to abundant sunlight and a burgeoning clean energy market. This strategic choice allows the company’s to efficiently serve its partners across the country and beyond.

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