Work will commence on Hungary’s seaport construction this year.

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The silence lasted a long time, and then again there is some encouraging news about Hetényi history, writes Világgazdaság. Construction at the port Hungary’s seaport construction will likely get rolling in 2024 before the end of the year.

Still remember summer of 2019, when it was reported that Hungary had begun to create a seaport in Trieste, Italy. When asked for the reason, they responded by saying that it was a benefit for the Hungarian businesses. The proclamation indeed meant much more than just the start of a new and better age, or what we can call a true historical contingency. The topic also touched us, since it implied that Hungary already had the longed-for sea, which it had last seen on its maps one hundred years ago following the Treaty of Trianon (peace treaty signed among Allies and Hungary after World War I). The conclusion is thus foreshadowed with the purchase process itself that took around a year and last final paperwork was signed in the end of 2020.

Under any circumstances, this ‘sitfact’ can be claimed that Hungary will have the Kaosveis.

300-meter-long coastline 32 ha of land designated by Trieste port a 60-year concession contract. (In order to sustain the characteristics of public land the government of Italy has imposed strategic ownership laws which mandate that all the coast is always public).

Construction cost

At its time, the port authority also fomented the idea of an investment plan for about EUR 100 million (to EUR 150 million by 2023) in the port so that Hungarian industries companies can conduct their export operations from there. It was being shipped in 2,000,000 tons (which would be the equivalent to 78,000 containers a year).

In my view, Trieste as a (brand new) Hungarian seaport is a good choice.

One of the closest sea ports to Hungary is here in the neighborhood and it could be reached within 24 hours by road or by rail. It has suitable capacities to satisfy the requirements of Economy of exporting Hungarian companies. Water depth here is 13 meters which means that only Suezmax ships with a cargo capacity of 120-200,000 tons can enter the port. The containers will be transported to Hungary by high-speed rail: the railway raw which leads to the port of Trieste and Budapest is within the perimeter of 539 kilometers long. Train will be operating 14 times a week.

The Government of Hungary has assigned to Adria Port, the subsidiary 100% owned by the Hungarian State, the activity of managing and bringing the Hungarian seaport to life. The video given below shows how Hungary’s overall port development in Trieste will enhance.

Although it seems like many years have passed, still no concrete construction is in place. One of the key factors that was the pandemia of COVID, pretty evident law suits involving partialy the seller, and of course the current situation in Ukraine had influenced the situation much. After that, in the final days of 2022, Hungarian newspaper make the announcement that the construction of solar power plant goes without any changes. It means that technical studies and license procedures are in progress. More than a year ago, the operational port authority in Italy had given the green light to the loading of the Hungarian company’s terminal by the end of the previous summer. On the other hand, the tender period is starting and the committee is going to take a decision on who is final to be contracted out for the work and the decision will be made in the nearby time.

In the year and a half ago, Peter Tibor Garai, CEO of Adria Port pointed out that there is a need for more vessel transits through the Danube River due to the raw material needs of neighboring countries.

Completion date

The port might begin to operate in 2026. Listen to the given audio and repeat after the spoken to memorize.

Whether we can actually overcome this challenge is still a long way from being resolved. What is unmistakably true is that some of the latest news has been released by an accredited organsation. László Lórant Keresztes belonging to the LMP (green party in Hungary) asks the Parliament the written question “What time will Hungary get the seaport?” The question was replied by Levente Magyar, the state secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the parliamentary deputy of the minister instead of Péter Szijjártó. Isintervolved that negotiations should be an ongoing Italians of a more detailed project.

In addition to the current situation of the agreement, the embankment construction and dredging works would be affecting this year.

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