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Last June 21st to the 23rd, Grupel was at Africa Energy Forum 2023, showcasing their gensets, energy solutions and plans for innovation and for keeping support to the development of businesses and communities in African countries.
After four days in Nairobi, Kenya, our team took the time to reflect on this year’s experience and our brand’s goals for this region:

“Africa Energy Forum was, once again, a great place to expand our business contacts and opportunities.

It is very important that we keep up to date with market needs and trends so we can continue to provide solutions that are useful and reliable in many different contexts.

Our major goal was to raise awareness for Grupel’s solutions, so it proved ideal to be in an event that keeps us close to players that drive development in many African countries and look to power their endeavors efficiently and according to the world’s goals and mindset for the future.”
African industrialization is set to grow exponentially in the coming years, however, many countries in the continent still experience outages and loadshedding that cost around 2% of their GDP. The same can be said about other sectors, like water treatment, as the rising consumption rate of this good makes it a growing activity in need of a reliable, uninterrupted power supply.

That is why, over the years, Grupel has been developing solutions for real life businesses and infrastructure, like, for instance, a 2,7MVA project for a food factory in Kenya, a 1,1MVA one for a desalination plant in Morocco, or even two special projects of 2,5MVA and 15,6MVA for power plants in Ivory Coast.
In parallel, the world’s plans and goals are set on sustainability, and so Grupel is also working on the generation of renewable energy for industries and other sectors, with the development of hybrid systems of low-emission generators with solar panels, wind turbines and BESS battery banks.
Grupel keeps working toward being a leading supplier that provides reliable, complete, and efficient solutions for applications as diverse as power plants, WWTPs, mines, industries or solar, wind and other renewable systems. Africa proves to be a strategic market in these sectors and, consequently, for Grupel as a supplier.
Moving on to FILDA 2023

After Africa Energy Forum 2023, Grupel is moving on to another important event, FILDA 2023, that will take place in Luanda, Angola, from July 18th to the 22nd. There, the team expects to get together with companies and businesses from construction to mining, oil and gas and other