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Agrément SA awards Rocla certificate of recognition for lightweight top structure of sanitation units

South African technical assessment agency, Agrément SA, awarded Rocla a certificate of recognition for its lightweight concrete toilet top structure at a function held in Pretoria recently.

Rocla’s precast concrete sanitation unit is a cost-effective solution to one of the most basic and essential needs in South Africa – the need to supply clean, hygienic and cost-efficient sanitation to schools and homes of people living in rural areas.

“Rocla is proud to have its innovatively designed sanitation units certified as “fit for purpose” by Agrément SA. We had a unit on display at the function in Pretoria, which caught the eye of the Deputy Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, Noxolo Kiviet as well as other delegates” commented Malebusa Sebatane, Marketing and Communications Manager for the Infrastructure Specialist Group (ISG).

“We described the unique features of our sanitation units to the deputy minister, and how the product could solve the issue of non-existent hygienic ablution facilities found at many schools, and in particular resolve the issue of pit latrine deaths endured by our young children in schools and in their homes” Sebatane added.

The Rocla unit was designed to provide a viable, dignified, safe and sustainable toilet unit to even the most remote corners of South Africa. All of Rocla’s sanitation units are designed as water saving units that can function on the existing grey water output from a household rather than requiring fresh drinking water.

The good news for municipalities and home owners with pit latrines is that the Rocla solutions on offer also include for an upgrade to the Water Research Commission endorsed twin leach pit technology at a reduced cost to a new installation.

Of particular interest to Deputy Minister Noxolo Kiviet was the unique “Community Cast” methodology with which all the new Rocla toilet structures and sub structures are manufactured.

The award winning Community Cast system was developed by Rocla specifically to benefit rural and township economies with strong emphasis on local job creation and skills transfer which of course aligns 100% with the Public Works and Infrastructure’s Expanded Public Works Programmes. Agrément, which was launched in July 2018 is a fully-fledged legal entity of the Department of Public Works (DPW). Agrément’s certificates are comprehensive advisory documents that will assist building authorities and other relevant players to assess the in-situ suitability of any innovation.

Rocla is part of the ISG which also includes Technicrete.

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